Is it Healthier to Drink With a Straw?

Yes, it is. Straws don’t allow the drinks to get to your teeth. Besides, there are some drinks that discolor your teeth when you take them regularly. 

The gum will also be protected if you drink through a straw. No doubt, using a straw to drink your beverages is a better way to have a healthy tooth. 

Unfortunately, most people believe that straw shouldn’t be used by adults. The misconception is that straw should be used by just children. However, below are reasons you should use a straw to drink your beverages.

Benefits of Drinking with Straw

In a nutshell, let’s check out the benefits of drinking with a straw:

1. General Oral Health

Undoubtedly, drinking a straw is good for your oral health. Also, it protects your teeth from having too much contact with the beverages. Studies have shown that sipping your drink for the glass directly increases the risk of acid and sugar damage.

Your teeth always come in contact with the drink when you sip directly from your glass cup. Using a straw will reduce contact with your teeth, gum, and enamel. 

2. Alcohol and Fruit Juice Beverages

Also, drinking fruit juice and alcohol are high-risk beverages. The possibility of increasing acidic pH if you keep taking these beverages over time can affect your tooth enamel and may end up causing tooth sensitivity.

Furthermore, high-risk beverages like lemon water, soft drinks, and alcohol need to be drink with a straw to reduce the oral damage they may cause over time. Besides, their studies have proven that those who drink alcoholic beverages with straws are less likely to get drunk.

3. Prevent Tooth Decay

To prevent tooth decay, you need to also use a straw. As you may know, bacteria causing tooth decay always love sugary coating. So, if you constantly drink sugary beverages you are more likely to have tooth decay if you drink from your glass. 

You would not want to spend money filling your tooth track because you didn’t take this simple prescription. No doubt, drinking via a straw will reduce the possibility of tooth decay because the beverage doesn’t have any contact with it, especially if you are wearing braces. Read more to know the health benefits of using a straw.

4. Discoloration

Have you noticed that after taking some beverages, the color of your teeth? This can only happen if you sip from your glass. For instance, there is some coffee and tea that discolor your teeth. If you take them regularly, your teeth may become brownish or even dark.

To reduce the effect of the coffee discoloring your teeth, you need to use a straw constantly. Although it may seem funny drinking a hot coffee with a straw, it has a lot of benefits. More so, the straw absolves the heat before it gets to your mouth. 

What’s the Best Ecological Straw?

There are so many types of sustainable straw in the market. As you may know, the commonest type of straw is plastic. Because of the environmental damage caused by plastic, plastic straws are not recommended and banned from many countries. 

Look out for eco-friendly straws that are made from materials that will not affect the environment. For instance, you can buy a straw made from pasta. Interestingly, after using a pasta straw you can eat them. Therefore, you are disposing of them to the environment to cause more damage. For the best pasta straw, go to

Wrapping Up

The health advantage of using a straw is numerous. But a lot of people shy away from using straws because they feel it’s for children and not adults. Remember when the health challenge comes, most of the people who persuade you not to use straw may not be around to help. Keep your teeth healthy by drinking with a straw. Visit to learn about single-use straws.

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