Four Best Eco-Friendly Gifts for Any Occasion

Some people are really conscious about the environment. While some might say they are overthinking, they are the people who think about the future. Global warming is real and we are seeing its impact every day. 

If we all didn’t start taking these things seriously, our kids might have to pay the price. You should become part of the green movement and support others who follow this. One of the best ways to show your support is a gift. 

No matter what the occasion, you can make people happy with a simple gift. If you are giving it to someone who cares about the earth, you should consider giving an eco-friendly gift. It will also make you a part of this movement and encourage them too. Here are some good ideas. 


1. Edible Flowers

Flowers are the most common gifts, but it’s not considered a good thing. We are killing flowers and wasting them. The flowers will grow again on the plant, but you wasted the first batch. However, there is a great way to support this change while giving flowers as a gift. 

You should get edible flowers and gift them. Not only will they convey your message, but they will also look beautiful on the table vase. When they start to grow weak, they can cook and eat them. Here is a list of edible flowers you can give as gifts. 


2. Plants for the Home

Another thing related to flowers and plants you give as a gift is the plant itself. Everyone loves plants. This time you won’t be cutting them out but the gift will have their roots intact. You can gift it with a plant bowl so they can put it anywhere in the house. 

You would know the type of house they live in. If they have a garden, you can gift any outdoor plant. If they don’t have any open space, give them an indoor plant. It will improve the quality of air, refresh the house with its scent, and increase the aesthetic appeal of the house. 


3. Reusable Bags for Shopping

Many stores still use plastic shopping bags. Conscious people take their own reusable bags for shopping because they don’t want to promote the use of plastic. Plastic items are one of the biggest threats to the environment. It doesn’t become a part of the mother earth, so it gets dumped in the rivers and ocean. We have seen many instances where fish and other ocean animals had to pay the price with their lives. This is why reusable bags work great as a gift. 


4. Tritan Water Bottle 

Instead of using normal water bottles, we can start using Tritan water bottles. Tritan is made of bisphenol and it is a BPA-free plastic bottle. These bottles are strong and don’t break easily even if they see heavy falls. 

Give them this bottle so they can stay hydrated wherever they go. It will keep the water cool and works as a reminder to keep drinking water. They are made 50% of recycled plastic. There is already so much plastic in the world that would go to waste in the sea. These bottles are reusing what’s already built of plastic. 

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