Is green coffee a scam?

Green coffee bean extract s a new breakthrough in the world of weight loss regimes and diets. However recent revelations of scams and fraud regarding this magical weight loss extract is leading people to lose some faith. So is the green coffee bean extract a reality or a scam?


Is green coffee a scam?

Online searches for green coffee bean extract and scams related to it have seen an uprise ever  since March when the so called ‘magical bean’ started receiving media attention for all the wrong reasons. Some said it worked , some said it is just another hoax to scam the gullible consumer of their money , especially the ones who are looking for a quick remedy to lose weight.

  • What are green coffee beans? – Green coffee beans refer to coffee beans who are still in their natural state and have not gone through the process of roasting yet like normal coffee. They are called green coffee beans because they have a greenish color to them . Once coffee beans are roasted they lose the natural properties inherent in coffee which make it a source of losing weight easily and naturally.
  • How does it work ? – Green coffee beans have chlorogenic acid in them and if coffee beans are roasted, they lose this property by dissolving the chlorogenic acid. Extreme heat conditions undergone in the roasting process is what makes the beans lose this magical ingredient.


When you start consuming green coffee, it burns off your body fat stores. Then it gets better when the chlorogenic acid in the beans helps the body to block sugar from entering the bloodstream and then converting it to fat.

  • Too good to be true ? – Green coffee is a potent cure to rid the body of fat. IF you are looking for a remedy to lose weight easily, then green coffee can be an answer. It is not a scam. However , it doesn’t mean that all green coffee available in stores will lead you to lose weight. Steer clear of free trials simply because they are not free. They will ask you to fill a form and automatically subscribe you . You might be had in thinking that they are offering you a free trial simply because you won’t have to pay right at that moment but do not be surprised to find that that you will be getting new packages every month and then end up paying for it. And most of the time, it will be a sub-par product.

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