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Installing eco friendly metal roofing in a cost efficient manner

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When installing the most essential part of your house i.e. roof, you can always opt for the more eco-friendly options that are available these days. The eco-friendly roofing solutions are not only varied but they help you save money and energy in the long run. Most of the eco-friendly roofing materials are recycled ones, thereby helping us save the environment.

Installing metal roofing

Types of eco friendly roofing

There are various types of eco-friendly roofing solutions available these days. There is the option of using recycled synthetic shingles made with plastic of rubber combined with wooden waste. The materials used are 100 percent recycled, long lasting, and fire and UV rays resistant. Roofing tiles made of clay can be another solution for a green roof as they are non-leaching and help collect water. They are available in a number of fun colors. You can also use slate tiles to build a green roof. Lastly, and most importantly, there is the option of metal roofs. It is the most popular option these days due to a multitude of benefits associated with it.

Why metal roof is the best?

Metal roofs have a host of benefits. The most common material used for metal roofs are copper, aluminum and steel. Metal roofs are long lasting, durable, and crafted out of recycled metal. Since metal roofs are light in weight, less energy is used to ship them. In fact, areas experiencing heavy snowfalls benefit tremendously from using eco-friendly metal roofing as snow slides off from them very quickly and easily. Manufacturers develop the metal roofing to make them eco-friendly and they even come with radiant coatings. The coatings imbibe the roof with reflective qualities, which reflect the sun’s rays, thereby protecting the house from heat. This in turn helps reduce the cost of energy. The low maintenance of the roof acts as an added advantage. There are a number of styles and qualities available these days for the metal roof. You can choose from a variety of colors as well.

Tools needed for roofing

For the most cost-effective installation of eco-friendly metal roofing, you need to chalk out some basic things in a methodical manner. For the installation process, some basic tools like measuring tape, ladder, nail bag, chalk line, chalk, drill, metal roofing screws, roofing nails, hammer, and metal snips are required.

How to install metal roofing

First, prepare yourself by reading any instruction manual that may come with the roofing materials. As a part of pre-installation process, prepare your roof for the roofing. You need to make sure that if the roof is not newly constructed, then the roof should be clean of any old materials and screws or nails. The new roof should lie perfectly flat which may be interfered due to the presence of roofing screws or nails. So either hammer them with the surface or pull them out. Check the roof for rotten or weak areas before installing.

Installing metal roofing effectively

The installation should begin from the gable end, which is the opposite end of prevailing winds blowing against the building. This reduces the chances of windblown rain getting under the panels. The first panel should be exact square to the eave and ridge. This ensures uniformity in the placements of the following panels. After placing the first panel, position the second so that it overlaps by 2-3 inches. This restricts the entry of snow or water below the seam. Keep on placing the rest of the sheets from top to bottom in this manner. Use a screw on both the sides of metal sheets to screw them in the wood slats. The last metal sheet on the edge should be just past the roof’s edge. After applying the sheets on both the sides, the metal trim should be applied along the edges of the roof’s sides. Apply the trim on the peak as well. Score it in the middle first and then bend it over the peak.


The installation of eco-friendly metal roofing by yourself may seem to be a daunting task, but once you chalk out a plan, the entire process becomes easy. You can save a lot of money by methodically doing it by yourself.

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