Instagram Ads Lead to More Instagram Followers on your green page

Instagram Ads Lead to More Instagram Followers

Instagram is a creative and interesting platform with millions of users aboard. It is continuously attracting more and more users and the trend will continue for years to come. It started off as a photo-sharing platform and it has expanded the horizons much beyond it. It has become a unique way for the brands and companies to communicate with the customers and reach out to the target audience. Therefore, if you want to spread the green cause for which you are working, then you should focus on your Instagram followers. Of course, you can buy Instagram followers from losfamos but there are few of the traditional and conventional methods to get Instagram followers.

Traditional methods can include sharing the creative photos or videos about your account or brand, using optimal hashtags for your posts, following your competitors, posting content on regular basis, sharing the updates on other social media platforms like Facebook or Twitter. But the truth is that even the best of the content cannot spread on its own.

One of the convenient ways to get Instagram followers to run the Instagram ads for your account or brand. There is no specific ad format for Instagram and most of the followers are being driven by the Ad Manager from Facebook. However, the brand has been using Instagram ads to direct their message to the niche or the target audience.

Below are the authentic ways to get more Instagram followers through ads.

1. Create Instagram ads with the goal of clicks on the website

Facebook You can redirect the users on Facebook to your Instagram account through the Ads Manager. Open the Ads Manager on Facebook with the goal for the ad. Instagram story maker can help you create amazing stories in no time. Instead of entering the URL for the website, add the URL of your Instagram account. Your Instagram account is nonetheless than the website.

2. Audience and Budget

Audience and BudgetIn this step, you select the target audience or the customer you are willing to reach out to. It is necessary to step into building a brand and targeting the right users is important. Instagram ads are somewhat influenced by Facebook targeting options. Let’s have a look at targeting options which can eventually lead to an increased number of Instagram followers.

a. Custom Audiences-

With this option, you can reach out to the users who have visited your profile, using your app or users subscribed to your newsletter.

b. Lookalike Audiences-

It is an interesting targeting option wherein you can talk to the lookalike audience of your Facebook page or the ones who are subscribers of your newsletter.

c. Interests and Demographics-

This allows you to define the target audience and a particular demographics that your product or brand caters to. There is an option for ‘limit target group’ which further specifies the target group.

Growing the Instagram followers can be interesting but getting the right audience through Instagram ads can be crucial. You won’t like to focus on the people outside of your interest area but even if they follow you, it’s a benefit. You can always buy Instagram followers for your page from losfamos.

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