Innovative ideas for making holiday wreaths from upcycled materials

Upcycling is the new trend that eco-conscious people are following. It is all about improvising objects and making them prettier and more useful. There are several things around us like plastic bags, cardboard boxes, and paper that we mindlessly throw into the garbage bin. If you can utilize these things for making something nice and decorative, you absolutely should upcycle them. Upcycling is the brother of recycling and reduces the amount of daily household wastage. Who doesn’t like to decorate their home for festive seasons? Most homeowners love decorating their homes and many of them like to undertake small DIY projects for making beautiful wreaths for decoration. Wreaths are mandatory for decorating the home during Christmas and wedding of a resident. With a little use of your imagination, you can make lovely wreaths by upcycling household discarded objects. Here we discuss some wonderful ideas for making upcycled wreaths:

wrapping paper wreath

The wrapping paper wreath

The reason why so many things get discarded into the garbage bin is that we are not ready to see their potential. The festive season is the time when you will have to give gifts to a lot of people. It is the season of wrapping papers. A lot of wrapping paper pieces accumulates as scrap. Instead of throwing the costly and colorful wrapping paper scraps, you should try making a lovely wreath with it. Roll the wrapping paper scraps and then use glue to attach them together in a nice circular shape.

Wine cork wreath

Wine cork wreath

If you love your wine then it is a good idea to utilize the wine bottle corks in an innovative manner. The wine corks may look ordinary alone but when you arrange them together with glue in the shape of a wreath, they look amazing. Use colorful ribbons for making them look more festive.

Necktie wreath

Necktie wreath

You might have a couple of neckties you absolutely hate, and keep stashed out of view. Instead of discarding the loud and colorful neckties use them for making a nice wreath using pins.

Organic tea wreath

Organic tea wreath

The organic tea wreath is another great innovation. You can even gift it to someone as a present. Use different colorful organic tea packets for making this wreath. You may also use cocoa powder sachets and coffee packets for making this one.

Holiday light wreath

Holiday light wreath:

If you have some old fashioned big colorful lights at home that are not in fashion anymore, use them to make a lovely new wreath. It will light up your home in style.


Upcycling is a great way of utilizing household items in more than one way. You should utilize discarded materials for making decorative wreaths for your home.

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