Native plants are better than foreign plants on the soil

People are often biased about look and style while choosing the perfect plants for their gardens. Homeowners who are serious about gardening will do anything to make their gardens exceptional. They are competitive and want their gardens to look better than those of their neighbors. In their desire to make their gardens they forget the importance of cultivating and nurturing the native plants. They plant many foreign plants with the hope of achieving the look they want, often just for cosmetic changes. Planting foreign plants may have some serious consequences on your local environment. There are several good reasons to keep native plants on their soil, here are a few you should consider:

Native plants are more resistant to pests

Native plants are more resistant to pests

Nature has made the plants capable of sustaining life in their own habitats. That’s why the native plants are genetically programmed to ward off the local pests better than the foreign plants. The foreign plants are not capable of fighting with the native pests because they have not learnt to survive in that weather and environment. People who plant foreign plants have to work very hard for warding off pests.

Native plants are more suitable for your climate

Native plants are more suitable for your climate

Planting native species of plants will save you a lot of hard work. The foreign plant species often require a lot more care and nourishment. The owners of these plants have to make special arrangements for saving them from the exploits of the native weather. Native plants are stronger and know how to stay healthy even during extreme native weather conditions.

Doesn’t need change of garden plans

Doesn’t need change of garden plans

The gardeners have to change the texture and capacity of the soil for planting the foreign plants. They have to balance the acidity or alkalinity of the soil for making it suitable for the foreign plants. They will not have to work so hard or spend extra money for taking care of the native plants.

pesticides and chemicals

Less use of pesticides and chemicals

The native plants are suitable for the local soil and they can get their nutrients from the soil. The foreign plants require extra chemical pesticides and fertilizers for thriving. Less use of chemical fertilizers will help in making the garden more eco-friendly.

local ecosystem

Maintains the balance of local ecosystem

If you plant a foreign plant that is invasive in nature, it can destroy the local ecosystem. The invasive foreign plants can grow fast like weeds and without any restrain.


Gardeners should use only local plants for making their gardens eco-friendly and sustainable. The foreign plants are not completely suitable for the native soil or environment.

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