Innovative green homes that dot the American landscape

“Think green” is a motto that is popular not only among governments these days, but also increasingly popular amongst citizens who are following this trend in their daily lives. Their efforts can be seen through daily choices which includes transport, energy saving and houses they live in. Listed here are five such houses from all over the world that are an inspiration and can help you to revolutionize ideas for your new home.Container house Savannah, Georgia_1

From junk to recycled material, they have made use of everything. These intriguing structures can put some of the most unimaginable innovations in front of the world. These eco-friendly houses are not only beautiful but are proving to be equally comfortable as conventional houses.

Beer can house Texas


Beer can house

Location: Houston, Texas

Who could have believed that a house can be built from beer bottles thrown in the bin after a party or in the club? Well John Milkovisch did that in the year 1968. He had recently retired as an upholsterer in Southern Pacific railroad. Visitors are welcomed in this home, and greeted by a whiff of beer.

Aviator’s villa New York

Aviator’s villa

Location: New York

One of the most fascinating recycled home; the Aviator’s villa is a work of Urban Office Architecture based in New York. This piece of art belongs to a retired pilot whose love for airplanes is obvious from this home. It was made entirely from disassembled components of aircrafts. There are naturally lit rooms in the house with ample space.

Junk castle Washington

Junk castle

Location: Washington

Built by artist Victor Moore, the Junk Castle completed in the year 1970 is made from junkyard scraps. He was a high school teacher when he started working on this project. The castle has bright astounding colors and was made from materials like the parts of machines, beds and car doors. This house cost Moore less than $500 to build.

Monte-Silo House Woodland, Utah

Monte-Silo House

Location: Woodland, Utah

By the river Provo, you can find yourself close to a masterpiece. A home made with two corrugated metal grain silos that are linked to each other. The home is not only eco friendly, its interiors are innovative as well. There is a “Bed in Box” concept in this house with flat screen monitors and stereo sound. Designers Gigaplex Architects made sure the home has facilities for both summers and winter.

Container house Savannah, Georgia

Container house

Location: Savannah, Georgia

Have you ever wondered what happens with the big and bulky cargo ship containers? Well we cannot tell you what happens to all of them but here is an insight into a home in savannah made by designer Julio Garcia using cargo ship containers. He worked with containers used in shipping industry and some natural materials to make this small but creative house that has beautiful interiors as well.


Recycling and reuse can result in excellent abodes that not only look great, but also offer new ways and insights into how we can handle construction and ideas.

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