Inflatable MPOWERD Luci Solar Lantern makes eco-friendly lights portable

Solar lanterns are a great idea for campers and scientists working in regions of the world where grid electricity isn’t as easily accessible. As wondrous and eco friendly solar lanterns are, many people just don’t find them practical enough for their outdoors excursions given the sheer size of the solar panel that is needed to keep the lamp juiced up. These panels are often hard to carry on backpack and take up a lot of space on smaller trailers as well. However, the Inflatable MPOWERD Luci Solar Lantern is a unique new innovation that is designed to be super efficient as well as super compact an ultra portable.


The solar lantern is also designed to work as a flashlight and a task light that adds to its versatility and makes it the perfect portable lighting solution for scientists and explorers. The inflatable solar lantern is completely waterproof and is designed to withstand weather conditions of all kinds. When not in use, the MPOWERD Luci collapses and can be easily stashed inside backpacks.

The lantern comes with a set of solar panels integrated within its exterior that serve as primary charging panels as well. To recharge, the lantern needs to be inflated and left out in the sunlight for roughly 8 hours to get a full charge. When fully juiced up, the solar lantern delivers a minimum of 6 hours of light when all 10 of the integrated LEDs are switched on though using fewer of these bright white high efficiency lamps can help the solar lantern provide up to 80 lumens light for 12 hours.

The lithium polymer battery used in the solar charge is also designed to retain the charge for longer durations which allows users to fully charge it and stash it away. The battery pack retains a full charge for as long as 3 months when not used.

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