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IKEA unveils solar energy system for its Portland store

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The sun as a source of infinite energy is well documented. Today, we’re seeing architects, automakers and corporations getting into the business of harnessing the sun’s abundant and powerful energy. PVs, being the most common harvesting tools, are widely used and one of the biggest names to employ them is IKEA, the renowned Swedish home products company and the largest furniture retailer in the world.

Portland IKEA installs solar energy system on roof

IKEA has installed an array of rooftop solar panels on its Portland store that measures 280,000 square feet. The 62,500 square foot solar energy system consists of 2,072 panels with a capacity to generate 568,000 kilowatt hours of power each year, enough for 48 houses annually. The 497.3-kilowatt system will be managed by IKEA itself instead of through a PPA or solar lease. Incidentally, the company owns and operates all of its solar energy systems that line its buildings.

The Portland store is the 16th of IKEA’s to be completed in the United States. The company is in the process of establishing another 21 such projects in the US which will make IKEA’s United States’ solar presence amount to 85 percent with a total generation of 30.8MW.

IKEA’s use of alternative energy isn’t unexpected as many big names in sectors like the automobile industry too have begun to employ green energy to run operations. The cost effectiveness of green energy has become clear to global players, driving them to invest in renewables.

Earlier, IKEA had announced that Pittsburg would be among one of the many regions to boast of an IKEA store with solar panels. A company spokesman had said that while the money saved from cutting back on conventional power may not go to the Pittsburg community, the installation process would open up avenues for short term jobs. The Pittsburg store is one of the company’s oldest in the country.

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