Hydrogen driven Lexus LFA-h beats gasoline version in terms of power

Considering hydrogen is the most plentiful element in the universe, it’s strange that our technology doesn’t optimize on its potential. Of course, hydrogen-powered cars do exist but they haven’t made it to the top choice of automobiles yet. This is mainly because of low energy density per unit volume, high storage vessel pressures and large investment in infrastructure. But Toyota seems to have overcome all this with the introduction of the Lexus LFA-h. This hydrogen-driven car is one powerful automobile, more powerful than even the gasoline model.

Lexus LFA-h Pumps Hydrogen for the Street

The supercar could very well rewrite what the naysayers of hydrogen have been ranting about over the years. Pumping out a massive 600 hp through its V10 engine which is 48 more ponies than the gas-powered version, the Lexus LFA-h appears to have the ability to give conventional supercars a run for their money.

No other technical details have been released about the LFA-h but considering the gas-based LFA tops speeds of 202 mph, we should expect the hydrogen version to break that barrier. Design-wise, the LFA-h looks to be similar in appearance to its counterpart with an aerodynamic style, air scoops over the rear fenders and a horizontal hood lap for feeding air to the engine.

If the interior of the LFA is anything to go buy, we should also expect the hydrogen-driven car to feature the same combination of leather, carbon fiber, alcantara and metallic surfaces. There’s also no word on the choice of colors that will be available and we’re just going to have to wait for an official release.

Only 500 units of the LFA-h will be produced with 10 percent reserved for the United States. The zero emission concept car has so far gone down well with reviewers over the globe who have cited the lack of fully hydrogen-operated cars by automakers like Ferrari and Mercedes-Benz in comparison.

Via: Greenpacks

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