Hydro One’s distribution power grid to be updated to smart technology

Hydro One, a major distributor of electricity in Ontario (Canada), picked IBM and its Business Associate Telvent for a new smart grid project with the aim to develop the province’s electrical system. In preparation of the project, the associated companies plan to evaluate smart grid technologies that show potential for improving power efficiency and reliability.

Smarter technologies to be tested on Hydro One's distribution power grid

The current functioning electricity distribution system, built in the 1950s, is failing as many components are worn out. Additionally, technological advancements, market forces, provincial government policies and increased environmental consciousness have applied pressure on Ontario’s electricity system to fulfill certain obligations.

Hydro One has seen this as an opportunity to replace the decrepit electrical system with new, modern and sophistication technologies that meet the advanced expectations of the customers. Hydro One seeks to collaborate with IBM and Telvent to assess high tech distribution equipment. The most beneficial choices would satisfy customers demanding a dependable electricity source, particularly in rural areas.

Named the Advanced Distribution System (ADS) project, it stipulates the parameters for the utility to review equipment, test delivery models for electricity, understand the costs and benefits of a new smart grid and recommend cost effective measures to reform Ontario’s distribution system. The project will also aid in the integration of renewable energy in the distribution grid.

Hydro One will be able to optimize energy usage and underline better management strategies for greater efficiency due to valuable insight gleaned from new information based on analytics. Moreover, outage management during large scale situations will be given a revamp.

IBM will act as the overall system integrator and offer its knowledge of smart grid technologies to plan and implement a practical network solution. Hydro One will refer to the Advanced Distribution Management System (ADMS) from Televent for a complete study of the distribution system that includes operation, planning and analysis. Hydro One is pushing for growth in the Ontario area and providing for affordable renewable energy for Ontarians.

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