Hybrid Pedal Transportation: A smart way for green commuting

The hybrid pedal transportation endeavors to bring in an all new class of transportation for modern commuting. We all are aware about the environmental pressures that are building up as roads are clogging with rapidity, constantly anguishing the scientific world. As an answer to this problem, designer David Bonanni, has came up with a healthy alternative in the form a hybrid tricycle, which comes loaded with both, functionality and aesthetic beauty.

Hybrid Pedal Transportation.jpg

Starting with the physical description of the hybrid transporter, you’d be amazed that the designer has integrated it with the best traits of the three main transporting mediums availed on the road i.e. a car, a bicycle and a scooter. The chassis is designed similar to a car, but with two wheels in the front and only one at the rear. It embodies the lightness of a bicycle, and therefore will not consume huge amounts of energy for running around. Lastly, its dimensions are compact like that of a scooter, which allow you to swivel it around comfortably through congested alleys.

Now talking about the technical aspects of the Pedal Transportation, as the name suggests it is a hybrid vehicle that works with a brushless motor, allowing it to advance on the road with the help of pedal assistance. Besides this, it also has a pivoting front, which imparts greater agility to the vehicle and is not a common feature among other similar mediums. Since it is a three wheeler the need for parking tripods too has been eliminated.

Once out on the roads, the hybrid pedal transport will impress you with its sporty looks and relaxing ambiance. The addition of green technology makes it worthy of our modern times, when most of us our grappling to assimilate eco friendliness, efficiency and visual harmony.

Via: Davidebonannidesign

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