How to Use Energy More Efficiently at Home: Top 5 Tips


The planet is not an infinite source of energy and the immense pressure we have been putting it under in the last few decades is really starting to take a serious toll on the planet’s energy reserves. Every bit we can do to conserve power helps both the environment and keeps our utility bills down. On that note, we are now going to discuss some simple, but effective tips regarding how we can ensure a more efficient use of energy in our own homes.

Turn It Off Completely

Turning off electronic appliances you are not using is not enough unless you have switched off the main power button as well. For example, turning the TV set off with a remote will reduce power consumption drastically, but the TV will still continue to consume a small amount of energy until you flip the power switch off. The same goes for your laptops, chargers, air conditioners, etc.

Regulate the Boiler

If you have a thermostat, then feel free to turn your boiler up all the way for quicker heating and more efficient use of power. If you don’t have a thermostat, find the lowest point that is sufficient to keep the house warm. Both of the techniques work in keeping those heating bills down, but with varying results.

Pressure Cookers

CookerPressure cookers are faster than ovens, especially when it comes to cooking meat as they don’t consume any electricity. Besides, no oven in the world can match the pressure cooker when it comes to tenderizing the meat. They may not be perfect for every dish, but using one instead of the oven as often as you can will definitely cut down on your home’s overall energy consumption.


Insulating your home is probably one of the best things you can do to lower your electricity bills as it cuts down the need to cool or heat your home significantly. Since heating during the winter months and cooling during the hot summers are the main culprits behind residential electricity consumption, a well-designed and properly planned home insulation project pays for itself in the long run. The good news is that even the initial costs can be taken care of with the help of home energy improvement financing nowadays.

Invest in Energy Efficient Products


All electrical appliances are marked with energy stars or other forms of energy labels to indicate their power efficiency. Of course, the ones with the highest energy saving capabilities cost a bit more, but the extra dollars are worth it because the amount of money which you will save on electricity bills by using them, eventually adds up and overtakes the price difference.

As can be seen, going green isn’t really as expensive or as troublesome as most people think it is. It saves money, conserves energy and contributes less towards environmental degradation. Even if you decide to make some big changes, you don’t really have to do it all at once or even pay at once, thanks to easily available financing options.

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