How To Teach Benefits Of Solar Energy To Kids?


The children of today are very smart and have the capability to grasp things easily. With the growing concerns of environmental damages and problems, children hold the key to many solutions. It is very important that parents should incorporate the habit of teaching kids about how to conserve the environment.  Children are not only our future, but also the future of the environment as well. With the help of some amazing DIY projects, parents can teach benefits of solar energy in a unique manner.

Make them understand the concept


If you want to teach benefits of solar energy to your child, the first thing that you have to do is get them to understand a few things. The energy from the sun aka the solar energy has been used for centuries. Man has created various kinds of innovative products and techniques only with the help of solar energy.  In order for kids to understand this concept, they need to be guided in the right direction. Thankfully, technology has paved a very innovative path.

Different methods to teach benefits of solar energy

While textbooks and oral guidance still has their own standing, children can learn through various other ways. In this section of the article, we will cover the two most effective methods of teaching children about solar energy. They are:

Teaching kids the benefits of solar energy through interactive education


Today technology has advanced so much that kids can learn many different things online itself.  There are different types of interactive videos online for children. Even studies have proved that children grasp concepts bette through the visual medium.

Interactive education is not only a visual treat for children but it also keeps them busy and entertained. With the help of 3D animation, virtual reality, and various other digital technologies, a child can learn and understand things a lot easier.  Even whiteboard videos on solar energy fall under this category.

Educational institutions are turning to interactive education because of its positive results. More than spending time on text book reading, such videos explain the entire concept using a simple and efficient manner.

Let us check out a few projects that will help make this lesson easy and fun.


Teaching kids about solar energy with the Solar Balloon project

One of the most favorite activities, the water balloons fights, is a very popular game that most children play. Well, you can teach benefits of solar energy through this game. For this project, all you need is 2 balloons of different colors (preferably white and black) and plastic bottles. Place these balloons on the neck of the bottle and leave it out in the sun. The results will amaze you. The black colored balloon will be filled with water within no time, while the white stays the same. This is because black color has the ability to absorb the light wavelengths and it uses them to convert into heat.

Solar S’mores Oven

The next project for teaching kids the benefits of solar energy is the Solar S’mores Oven. In this DIY project, you will need a pizza box, aluminum foil, plastic wrap, a few S’mores and double tape. Through this project, kids will learn how the foil gets converted into a conductor and uses the rays of the sun to cook the S’mores. The best part about this project is that not only do you get to teach benefits of solar energy but you can also use it when you go camping.

Teaching kids about solar energy with the solar lamp

Another very simple and easy DIY project is to use the solar lamp to show how it captures the solar energy. This is a perfect activity as it teaches your child to make the best use of natural resources. In this DIY project, you would need some heavy-duty glue and garden light (preferably the solar powered one). During the daytime, let the lamp charge with the solar rays. Your child will be able to understand how solar powered items work. This is also a great way to make children understand the benefits of solar panels.

Solar powered toys and accessories

solar powered toys

Toys and kids go hand in hand. Kid. You can teach your child the benefit of solar power by buying solar powered toys. In fact, you can also build a few easy solar powered toys by checking out the easy DIY projects online.

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