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How to make your clothes eco friendly

by Ecofriend1874

While designing our wardrobe we hardly think about the source of the fabrics and the damage caused to our environment. For those who think this has nothing to do with their clothing, here is something really eye opening.  Cotton and other materials such as polyester require a large amount of pesticides, which not only harm us but also our environment. Here are few ways to go green in your dressing.

1687724251. Try to be a concerned and buy things only when you really need them. Think over the reason of your purchase. Is it that you can or is it what you need?  This would save the resources.

2. Organic cotton and hemp are better to buy than just cotton, as they require lesser amount of fertilizers. Other eco-choices are also available these days.

3. Buying vintage and selling a collection of clothes by you and your friends in consignment stores is also a good option since they give your clothes a new life at lesser price.

4. You can give your old clothes an entirely different look by doing proper alterations and cuttings. Thus, you can remodel your wardrobe according to the prevailing fashion.  Instead, you can donate it to someone needy or recycle them to sustain the environment. You can also send them to community exchange systems.

1666716545. You can save your wardrobe from being damaged by doing small changes in your clothes and transform them into new by your creativity into a repurposed garment, so that you do not have to buy new ones.

6. Taking care of your garments is as equally important as buying them. This includes turning them inside out when drying in sun that protects the color and avoiding dry cleaning. Dry cleaning, if at all necessary, should only be done with new green techniques. To walk an extra mile you can also use a pedal operated machine instead of an electric one.

7. Try to buy clothes that are produced ethically at an ecologically sound and sustainable rate. Go for products manufactured by the local communities.

8. You should avoid using fur, as it is more risk to the environment. 


You can become a responsible and environment cautious human being by adopting small habits in your lifestyle. This could be of great worth in saving and preserving our limited resources as well as the environment.

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