Different ways to reduce energy consumption in the summer

Saving energy has become a matter of worry in all households these days. Before the scorching summer begins to make one sweat, one may desire considering to make a few changes in cutting their energy consumption. Today it is possible in reducing the bills and living a little greener via being a little careful with the use of electricity as well as gas within the home. With the rising sum of money spent on the electricity bill, all are on the lookout for methods of consuming less energy and diminishing the bill amount without cutting short any necessity. Below are a few tips to help you choose the efficient ways of reducing your energy bills.


Take shorter showers:

As per studies, an average teenager generally spends about 45 minutes during the shower. Thus, parents should encourage their children in cutting down their shower time and thereby save water. The bottom line is if one is not rinsing actively, it is wise in turning the water off.


Try a fan:

Fans either ceiling or freestanding use comparatively less energy compared to an air conditioner. Although a fan does not offer comfort of the same level like that of an air conditioner, but these make a truly worthwhile contribution to one’s summer savings.


Dry clothes outside:

Line drying the clothes during the summer instead of using tumbler drier as these consume maximum energy in the home, thus it is wise in avoiding its use whenever possible. One can hang their clothes outside as this not only add freshness, but also make one’s whites whiter.


Eliminate wasted energy:

One can eliminate wasted energy by turning off appliances, equipment and lights when it is not in use. Unplug and recycle spare refrigerators inside the garage provided one does not need it really. One should unplug chargers and electronic devices when not in use. It is essential in turning off printers and computers from the power strip.



There are innumerable methods of offering exterior shade to one’s home. Installing awnings over window tops on the upper section of the home is a wise idea as these help in creating shade and thereby prevent whistling wind to penetrate the windows directly. Most awnings need little protection beyond the special power washing.


Summer time is likely to create a tremendous surge in the consumption of power and driving the costs of energy through the roof. One can implement the above ideas this summer for cutting down their energy consumption as well as lowering their energy bills.

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