How to make the most out of your tiny garden space

tiny garden space

You can create a lovely garden in your tiny garden space. You may have a small backyard, or tiny patio or terrace, but even the tiniest space can be transformed into a pretty garden for you to relax. Enjoy your early morning coffee or tea, or just soak in the sun on lazy Sundays in your tiny garden. A small garden needs a little bit more thought in the planning stage, but after you incorporate all the ideas, you would be amazed at the dramatic change. You can create a simple but elegant garden using just pots and plants in your patio or balcony and some creative lighting can alter your tiny space into a thing of beauty. Here are some interesting ideas to inspire you.

Use white paint

 tiny garden space

If you have a tiny patio, paint it white as this color lightens and brightens up the space. Include some white furniture and with the white painted wall and pots, your patio space will be converted into a stylish mini garden. 

Gravel flooring

For a tiny garden, gravel looks as good as a green lawn. Put in lots of plants, from tall, bushy small trees to potted plants of every description, including tiny flower pots placed strategically. Some lovely garden furniture, just two or three chairs and a small table will help you have a spot to sit in and relax in your beautiful outdoor space.

Buy good quality materials

Small garden.

Buy the best quality materials you can, for the hard landscaping part for your small backyard. If your garden has a good foundation, the rest of it will look equally good. But don’t mix too many materials. You can create small families of pots of equal sizes or same glaze, for example salt glaze or terracotta.

Use a fence

A fence can be used to add greenery and color to your garden. Fences and trellises are wonderful solutions for a small garden, as they add charm to it. Pretty flowers and creepers look really great on fences and no one will notice the size of your garden, when you have beautiful roses growing abundantly on the trellis. Tip: You can color the trellis or fence too, to make it more attractive.

Prettify your terrace garden

tiny garden space

Use your imagination to transform your terrace garden into an exceptionally beautiful place. Sometimes, brightly painted furniture will do the trick. Use contrasting colors for the seating and you’ll have a space which is chic and contemporary.

Plant key plants strategically

Some specimen trees and shrubs can be planted near the house if the home foundations are strong.

Use larger quantities of the same species

tiny garden space

To get some visual breathing space, it’s better to use more of the same kind of plant rather than a large assortment of plants of different species. With this method, you can plan more focal points and create a charming garden space easily, as you’ll know which plants to club together.

Do your prep

Take your time with soil preparation, it’s really worth the time and effort when you’ll see your garden thriving later. Plan for water supply, storage etc before you start planting. Choose garden furniture which can withstand the sun and rain and will last long.

Plan a multitasking garden

tiny garden space

If you have a tiny space, you still can have everything if you plan well. You can have a raised flower garden, garden seat and garden wall is included in the same space. The back of the wall and the ledge creates a lovely outdoor sofa, tall green shrubs provide shade and privacy, and lights on walls makes it absolutely beautiful. Add some bold colored cushions to get a hit of color.

Introduce some texture

A combination of deciduous plants, broadleaf evergreens can form a perfect base to show off perennials. You can use conifers too, to create an interesting texture accent. Include ferns of different varieties as they have a lot of textural variety.

If you love to live in the midst of greenery, you can create a tiny garden in your balcony, terrace or backyard, without spending a lot. One or two elements, surrounded by plenty of plants will create a stunning green space you’d love to spend time in.

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