How To Live A Green Lifestyle On A Budget


A green lifestyle is the most desirable thing at the moment. You may want to follow a green and eco-friendly lifestyle but may be hindered by the thought of it being too expensive. However, living green is possible even on a budget. The first thing to do is to commit yourself to go green in all areas of your life – from food to transport. Commitment is the most important factor, doesn’t cost a thing, and helps to be aware of your choices. Here are some tips on how to live a green lifestyle without burning a hole in your pocket.

Tips on how to live a green lifestyle 

Eat healthy, pay less

Eat healthy

Food is one of the difficult choices when you want to live a budget-friendly eco-friendly lifestyle. You might have faced the dilemma of being in the supermarket and staring at the ‘regular’ foods, which costs less, and the organic foods, which costs more. Can you buy the expensive organic food, which might upset your monthly food budget by quite a bit? You can, with some planning. Choose to buy organic, and forego buying some tasty, but unhealthy snacks.

Or you can buy from Farmers’ Markets, which costs less than regular food, and help the environment, as buying locally means the food has traveled lesser distances, thus requiring lesser fossil fuel and causing lesser pollution. Also, many farmers farm with organic methods, whether it says that on the label or not.

You should buy organic eggs, milk, and meat, even if they are expensive – just balance the extra money by reducing your alcohol spend, and if you smoke, reduce the number of packets you smoke!

Go natural in your beauty care

organic beauty products (4)

Instead of buying expensively branded cosmetics, which promise you the world and are loaded with chemicals, choose to buy organic personal and beauty care products. There are many inexpensive organic products available in the market. A little search on the internet will help to find cost-effective products you can easily afford. One of the ways to live green in your everyday life is to use skincare packs, shampoos, etc that you concoct at home. These are very effective and will reduce your spending on chemical-based products, thus helping the environment and your budget.

Utilize sunlight


Sunlight is a medicine for you as it’s an important source of vitamin D.  You can soak in the sun right inside your home – just open your blinds. Natural light is good for mental health too, according to studies. This is one of the most effective tips on how to live a green lifestyle, as it will reduce the use of artificial light during the day. It means you can live a budget-friendly eco-friendly lifestyle by making small changes like these.

Another thing you can try is working by the light of candles (that you made at home) and light of your devices to keep your energy bill down.

Turn off lights and appliances

Turn off lights and appliances

One of the ways to live green in your everyday life is to consistently switch off the lights, fans, ACs, and appliances when you’re not using them. This will become a habit after some time – a habit which will save you a lot of money. You can wash dishes in the dishwasher at full capacity to save water as well as energy. The same goes for washing machine use – using these appliances at full capacity is one of the best tips on how to live a green lifestyle. 

While we’re discussing conserving electricity, you can do that by making slight changes to your heating and cooling systems. Instead of setting your air conditioning at extremely low, set it a temperature which cools but doesn’t freeze the room. Similarly, you can save electricity consumption in winter by setting the thermostat at just warm, and not hot. You’ll be amazed by the saving in your monthly bill by this change.

Dispose of the disposable

Dispose of the disposable

The best way how to live a green lifestyle is to just stop using anything which can be used only once. For example, paper and plastic disposable, aluminum foils, sandwich bags, disposable water bottles, and containers, etc. Order food from places which offer recyclable or biodegradable cutlery. Buy steel or BPA-free plastic bottles, tiffin/lunch boxes, and containers, which you can use for years.

Choosing to walk or cycle, washing clothes in cold water, and using area rugs and carpets are other ways in which you can lead a green lifestyle on a budget.

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