How to improve the efficiency of your solar panel

solar panel

The efficiency of solar cell is important because the solar cells convert the sunlight into the electrical energy. Without any chemical reaction or moving parts, it is done effectively. That is why improve the efficiency of solar cell becomes so important. To get better output, one needs to improve the efficiency of solar cells.

So, here are the steps to improve the efficiency of solar panel:

1.   Use of Solar Concentrator

efficiency-of-your-solar-panelYou can concentrate the solar light with a solar concentrator. Well, these concentrators help the light to concentrate on a large area when falling from a small area. To complete the task, the use of large mirrors takes place. It is a great way to increase the efficiency of solar cells. It will save money as well as save energy.

2.   Install the Photovoltaic Panels

One needs to install the panels in a correct form. The angle and the orientation tilt needs to be perfect. If you live in the Northern Hemisphere, then the orientation of the solar panels should be towards the South. But, if you stay in the Southern Hemisphere, then it will face towards North. The tilt of the panel should be in such a way that it will receive enough sunshine from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. without any obstruction.

3.   Avoid areas that comes under shade

Solar cells should not get any shade or else it will create a bad effect on the output of the energy. It becomes true when you connect the solar cells in a complete series. If the photovoltaic cell is under shade, then the energy will drain off. It acts as a resistor, which helps in the determination of total current.

4.   Cleanliness is must

efficiency-of-your-solar-panelTo improve the efficiency of the solar panel, the glass surface should remain clean. It will help the sunlight to reach the photovoltaic cell. So, make sure there is no dust or dirt on the cell surface.

5.   Do not increase the temperature

If the temperature of the photovoltaic cell increases, then the efficiency will reduce. There should be a proper gap between the roof and the panels. It makes the air movement easy and even prevents the heat from affecting the photovoltaic panels.

6.   Efficiency of Perovskite solar cells

Perovskite solar cells are the latest in solar power technology. In 2009, it has an efficiency of 3.8%. Engineers develop new ways so that they can increase the efficiency of conversion. The regulated mixture of materials of solar cells will be great for the absorption of energy. Well, different materials will absorb different wavelength for solar energy.

For example- silicon solar cells and methylammonium lead tri-halide perovskite are the best pairs. With perovskite, the bottom layer of silicone absorbs long wavelength photons, and the top layer collects short wavelength photons.

In three steps, you need to enhance the efficiency of the hybrid cell.

Firstly, use of the chemical method at low temperature to lower the perovskite defects impacts.

Secondly, one needs to make a 3-layer sandwich of gold /molybdenum trioxide /molybdenum trioxide to execute the transparency. It will penetrate the silicone bottom layer.

To capture more light, a film in rose-petal shape needs to be placed on the top layer of your solar panel. Well, it will capture more light.

7.   Perovskite Pressure

efficiency-of-your-solar-panelTo increase solar absorption, they give intense pressure. The pressure creates a big impact on the sunlight. It soaks up the light of high-energy waves than the normal. Under pressure, the color changes from orange to light colors. Hence, it will give a better output, and you can save more energy.

8.   Improve Conventional Photovoltaics

Conventional solar cells cannot capture the infrared of sun’s rays and do not allow it to pass through it. The coating on the infrared part takes two photons and then combine with their energies, which will make into high energy photon. Well, the photon will absorb the traditional photovoltaic cells.

9.   Manufacturer takes care of solar panel efficiency

They improve the solar cells all by themselves and improve the way in which the cells are set in the panel. In this age of technology, they use the perfect ways to improve the efficiency of the solar panels.

10. Improvement in the antireflective textures, coatings and different materials

The color consistency of solar cells indicates its quality and the production of power. To improve efficiency, one needs to develop consistency in the manufacturing process.

11.  Reduce busbars shading

Some silver lines pass vertically and horizontally in the front of the solar panel. These are tiny metal wires named “busbars”, and they flow the electricity from the cell to your home. Some of the light does not reflect rather convert in the energy. Manufacturers are trying to eliminate or making the wires thin. So, the premium plus solar panels have the rear contacts where the wires are at the back side, and the whole front cell is in a single color.

12. Use solar panels both sides

solar installationSolar panels are clear on both sides, and it can absorb light from both the sides. It is called “Bifacial”, which means the solar panel can absorb the rays of the sun from either side.

13. Tightly pack cells on the panel

The white spaces in between the cells or on the edge are the area of the wasted solar panel. In addition, the corners of the cell cut themselves off, which leaves more space. Well, manufacturers are looking for solutions to eliminate the gaps or to overlap the cells, which produce power.

14. High-end technologies coming down the road

solar panel

Use of high-end technology will increase the efficiency of the solar panels. It will improve performance improvement and gives long-lasting support to the solar panels.

Final Words

So, these are the above-mentioned steps that one should follow to improve the efficiency of the solar panel. These steps are well-researched, reliable and give you effective result with better output. So, do not worry and make the solar panels energy efficient.

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