How to de-ice the driveway in an environment friendly manner

For kids winter is reason for joy since they can play in snow as much as they can and have fun. However, for us, the grown-ups it is not so fun since we have to take care of removing the snow from the driveway. It becomes even more difficult if you want to do it in an environment friendly way. Our aim here will be to look into ways of achieving a clean driveway devoid of ice or snow in an eco-friendly manner.


Why not rock salt

Many people utilize rock salt for clearing the pathway but it is not good for our environment. Excess salt left starts to build up on the surface gradually and thwarts moisture absorption by plants. Heavy metals percolate from salt and slowly seep into underground water supplies. Animals get attracted to salt on driveway and may get hit by vehicles while licking salt. Lastly, if the salt gets into paws of your pet, it can result in burns.

Eco-friendly Alternatives to Rock Salt

 Handicap Ramp Snow Melting

Snow Melt Mat:

At the time of setting up new driveway, electric wires can be laid under it to heat from below and melt the snow on top. Your electric cost will increase but it will be much better than use of chemicals, which pollute the environment.


Electric Blowers:

There are electric as well as gas powered snow blowers available in the market. But you should use electric ones since they do not create noise or air pollution like their gas operated counterparts.

Use De-icer:

The job of any de-icer is to loosen the ice so that it becomes easier to plow. So do not try to put a lot of de-icer assuming that ice will get removed easily. Ideally about a handful of rock salt is applied per square yard and if you are using Calcium Chloride then it will be enough to treat around three square yards using a handful of the chemical.

Shovel it:

Another option is to shovel the ice right after snowfall stops, since as time goes more and more snow accumulates and becomes harder to clear it.



You can choose between Sodium Chloride, Potassium Chloride and Calcium Chloride for this purpose. NaCL can contain cyanide; similarly, CaCL results in algae growth and can result in clogging of waterways. Thus, while using chemicals you will have to choose wisely


There are several eco-friendly options, when it comes to de-icing the driveway. By selecting these options, you will ensure that environment is not harmed and your job is fulfilled.

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