Accelerated change to alternative energy sources is the need of the hour

For a very long time the human race has been dependent on non-renewable energy sources. Electricity is a vital necessity of our modern human civilization. To produce electricity a huge amount of non-renewable energy resources like coal are used. The electricity producing procedures cause severe environmental pollution. We need energy for running commercial factories and household appliances.

fossil fuel

The need of energy is increasing due to the growth of population. The non-renewable energy resources are limited unlike alternative energy resources, which are never going to cease. Coal, petroleum, and natural gas are three major fossil fuels that are used for our energy needs.

We are continuously drawing from the limited storage of non-renewable energy. As a result soon there will be very little coal and petroleum left for us. Alternative energy resources are renewable and seem to be the only hope for our future generations.


Green technology will soon bring a new revolution and free us from the intense dependence on fossil fuels. Using alternative energy sources like solar energy, wind energy and wave energy for household and commercial purposes is called Green Technology.

By utilizing green technology, we can curb global pollution.


The reason behind global pollution is the high amount of carbon dioxide produced whenever fossil fuels are burnt. Solar cells and solar panels are being used both domestically and commercially for producing energy.

This energy is utilized in powering household gadgets and appliances and heating homes. Solar, photovoltaic technology uses solar panels for capturing sunrays and turning it into electricity. Solar panels can reduce your household and commercial energy bills.


Wind energy is another variety of alternative energy, which is gaining popularity super fast. The US has many plain and vast lands where wind turbines can be set up. Wind moves the turbine and produces usable electricity. Producing electricity with the help of wind turbines does not cause pollution.

Biofuels are also a great source of alternative energy. Scientists are trying to enhance the biofuel technology so that it can replace the fossil fuels used for transportation. Hydroelectric plants are also helping in widening the scope of Green Technology. In the US, hydroelectric plants are second only to coal plants in producing electricity.


Alternative energy is eco-friendly and does not cause pollution. It helps in keeping our environment clean and reduces regular carbon emissions. We can use many different alternative energy sources, as best suited by location.

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