How to choose and install eco friendly bi fold doors for a greener home

Bi fold doors are actually two doors that combine to function as one. They can lend an instant touch of sophistication and style to your home or office décor with the beautiful designs available in market. They are multi functional and easy to maintain. A notable fact about modern design bi fold doors is that due to various scientific advancements combined, the doors have become eco friendly. This provides a greener alternative to many homes.

Bi fold doors for your home

Choosing Eco friendly bi fold doors

There are various types of eco friendly bi fold doors to choose from, depending on the materials used. For the construction, the materials that are generally considered are fiberglass, aluminum, steel and wood. Each of the materials used has its own set of advantages and when choosing the material, you need to consider the pros and cons of each material and take into account your purpose and requirements.

When considering eco friendly options, wood might not be a totally great option, simply due to the fact that it means that a tree has been cut to procure the wood.

Fiberglass, aluminum and steel are materials that are not only long lasting and durable, but have low cost of maintenance as well. They are weather proof and quite cost effective. In fact, aluminum is the best choice as they provide great access, have small profiles and narrow frames. This gives you an unrestricted view. For the rollers, you might select nylon roller as they are less expensive and a lot more durable than steel.

Along with the material used, the style must be decided upon, based on the aesthetic sense of the person in question. You can choose glass panels that are energy efficient as they help in reducing the overall cost of electricity. There are even some glasses that offer protection from UV rays which help in maintaining the room temperature as well as increase the longevity of the entire structure. Using frosted glass also helps in increasing the aesthetic appeal of the bi-fold doors.However, glass panels may score low on the security quotient, so it will be wise to maintain a distance from the locking system or reinforce them with iron grills. French doors look uber cool and sophisticated as well.

Tools needed to begin installation

The task of installing bi fold doors is a bit cumbersome and you will require many tools for that. To mention a few and most basic; you will require drill, hack Saw, drill bit, screw driver, tape measure, pencil and centering bit.

How to install bi fold doors

Measure the gap where the doors will be placed and be sure of the numbers. Make sure that the combined width of the doors is an inch less than the opening’s width and the height 1-2 inches shorter. Measure the length of the proposed track by measuring the top of opening carefully with your tape. The opening and the track must fit each other from side to side.

Install the floor brackets and the track on the bottom and top of the frame respectively. Place a dowel with screw assembly in the door’s bottom hole, nearest to the sidewall and another one with no assembly in door’s top hole, farthest from the sidewall. Tap them into place by using a hammer.

Put the dowels in the track on top and push the door upwards till the bottom dowel goes in the L-bracket. Adjust the height of the door by the rotating the screw to lower or raise them till the desired height is achieved.

Finally install the hardware. First mark the knob or handle area on the center of door panel which is furthest from the sidewall. Make a hole and screw the hardware in place. Test the doors to ensure that everything is properly done.

After the installation has been completed you can finish off the job in a professional manner by using door trims which cover up joints between the wall and the door. There are several choices of environmentally friendly door trims as well- like wood, plastic, aluminum and Styrofoam. They are not only eco-friendly but cost-effective and stylish as well. The materials are mostly recycled and come in a variety of exquisite designs that make your home even more sophisticated and attractive.


Bi fold doors can prove to be an attraction factor in your home or office. You can choose from a variety of styles and designs, while doing your part for the environment as well, by choosing the eco-friendly options. So go on and install eco friendly bi-fold doors to increase utility and beauty of your home.

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