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How can you tell that your bathroom is really Green?

by Ecofriend1874

How can you tell if your Bathroom is really “Green”?

Saving the Environment

Nowadays there has been a lot of awareness about how people should live their lives in a more eco- friendly way. This means that they must do everything they can to conserve and protect the environment around them while going about their daily lives.

Environmental conservation refers to the conserving and saving our natural resources that surround us for the future generations. It includes avoiding all forms of pollution, avoiding unnecessary waste of resources and protecting the natural flora and fauna that surrounds our habitat. Preserving the natural eco-system and maintaining the balance in nature is the basic fundamental of saving our environment.

Saving the environment is essential to avoid many problems like climate change, ozone layer depletion, destruction of nature and natural habitat etc.


Going Green

Being environmentally friendly is often referred to as “going green”.  Going green means that an individual or a group is adopting various practices that help them live their lives in a more eco friendly way. Today many people are “going green” by making changes in their homes and environment around them.  This effort starts in every room of your household.

Go Green in your Bathroom

We see that people have started understanding the importance of being eco friendly in their houses. There are various ways you can make your bathroom more eco friendly and “green” while keeping the bathroom clean and healthy.

Following are ways to make your bathroom eco-friendly and “green”

  • The personal care products that one uses like shampoos, soaps, creams, cosmetics etc should not be filled with harmful chemicals that might harm you as well as the environment around us. One makes the bathroom green if he or she uses natural personal care products that are easily available today.
  • The lighting that one uses in the bathroom and every other room in the house should have compact fluorescent (CFL) lights that last longer and save power. Also one is more eco friendly if he or she has the habit of turning off the bathroom lights when it is not in use.
  • Making sure that none of the faucets in the bathroom have leaks is essential to make the bathroom eco-friendly.  Having leaky faucets can result in wasting litres of water every day. Also the toilets should be checked for leakages.
  • Bathroom is eco-friendly if the shower and toilets are designed in such a way that they have “low flow” systems that save unnecessary wastage of water.
  • The products that are used for cleaning the bathroom also should not have harmful chemicals and toxins in it. Though it is necessary to have a very clean bathroom for one’s personal hygiene there are various green ways to clean the bathroom effectively and following these makes the bathroom more eco friendly.
  • Minimizing the use of plastic in your bathroom also helps make it “green”.
  • If it’s a slightly bigger Bathroom, placing a plant in it is a good eco friendly idea.
  • While designing your house one should design it in such a way that all the rooms including the bathrooms get natural sunlight as this helps save electricity during the day time and make the rooms more “green”.


The above are the various ways in which the bathroom in your house can be made more eco friendly and green. It is necessary for us to conserve the environment and this process starts from our own households. If a person follows the above mentioned ways then their bathroom can be called really “Green”.

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