How to build handicap ramps for recycled materials

wheelchair ramps

Majority of people has blessings of god on them on being easily entering and exit home, flights, trains, etc. On the other side, there are people for whom this is not easy, mainly because a specific part especially hand or leg of their body does not perform its function well. Such people always need the help of others for performing some of their tasks in life. With the increase in technology, there are some inventions that can help of those disable persons. Building a ramp is an excellent example of this, as it highly overcomes the problems of handicap persons. It is something that highly cuts down the efforts of such people. Also it highly cuts down the tasks for which they have to depend upon other people. Its use is quite common in hospitals.

1. Options of material

It actually depends upon the fact for how long one needs the ramp. In case a permanent handicap ramp is needed, then definitely concrete is a great option. Other options include wood and aluminum. Wooden ramps appear quite beautiful. They are not considered mainly because of their higher cost, higher maintenance and life that depends upon how much one cares for it. Aluminum is a great option. Just like concrete, it has a very long life. There is one major problem with concrete handicap ramps, and that is they are very difficult to build as compare to other materials.

2. Either permanent ramp or temporary

Building temporary ramp for handicap individual is easy. This is mainly because of large number of reasons. Not large numbers of considerations are needed to be focused because the use of ramp is for limited time. The best material to design temporary handicap ramp is wood. This is mainly because of its recycled properties. Also it does not create much effect on the environment. Generally, temporary handicap ramps are designed, when someone physically handicapped person is visiting in his/her home. Its use is not so common.

Building permanent ramps for handicaps is considered as compare to building them on temporary basis. Aluminum and concrete are the best materials for this type of ramps. Also they do not have any effect on environment and their use is becoming quite famous.

3. Designing procedure

Designing the handicap ramp is not much difficult and this is the task that you can do yourself. For doing this what you have to do is:

a. Firstly decide the length and width of the ramp needed.

b. Selection of material is next step to be considered. Select material according to the circumstances, or select it according to the need, i.e. temporarily or permanent ramp.

c. Cut the parts with suitable size dimensions with proper tools and avoid overcutting.

d. For joining them, you have the option of iron nails, concrete or welding. Joining option commonly depends upon the type of material.

e. Next step is to install it, while installing the handicap ramp make sure that it did not go deeply towards the ground. If it is too deep, then balancing the wheelchair on it becomes difficult and this may harm the person on wheelchair.

f. Test it for at least one day, make sure that it must tolerate the weight of at least five peoples easily.

g. Final step is to keep the boundary level up. This can be achieved by using some similar extra material through which the ramp is designed. Its main purpose is safety of the handicap person.

h. You can paint them so they can look better.

4. Important things to keep in mind

Lot of essential factors are there that must be kept in mind while designing a handicap ramp. Basically, a handicap ramp is based on the house, availability of space, terrain in the house, etc. It is better to not to keep the ramp too precipitous. This makes the handicap individual to have very difficult time while ascending the ramp. A handicap ramp must be build to have at least 1.5-inch of incline. The overall width is another factor that is quite important. Keeping the width slightly more than three feet is better and essential. This allows the passage of all wheelchairs from them.

Building ramp at the home is one of the excellent ideas. It is beneficial for a person even no member of family is facing any disability. This is mainly because of the reason that several times a person has to face disability on a temporary basis such as bone fracture, etc. During that time, nothing can help a person better than handicap ramps. They are multifunctional as they make heavy things easy to carry inside or outside the home.

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