Hanging rooms of ‘Airhotel’ bring you closer to environment

Spending some quality time with family and friends in the lap of nature is one thing, which we always look forward to do and if the place of stay is sustainable and above all hanging, it further adds to the fun and enjoyment. A team of Belgium artists have designed an extraordinary ‘Airhotel’ with six rooms that are all made from recycled material. The best part is that all the six rooms are suspended and unique.

AirHotel's hanging rooms lift lodging out of the ordinary


The biggest of all the accommodation is dubbed as the ‘Schulp’ or the ‘Little Cottage’ which is enclosed in canvas. It has three separate rooms that can accommodate at least six guests at a time. A unique room, the ‘Love Nest’ gives the guests an opportunity to experience the life of a bird as it is very much identical to a bird’s nest. It has a metal frame covered with wood and branches and also features a large window that serves as a passage for sunlight to enter the nest. A new practice for those who fear height is the ‘Sterreschijter’, which appears more like a huge cradle and house two people. The ‘Lotus’ is the most unusual of all the rooms. When closed, it looks like an enormous lantern, but as the name suggests it opens up into a giant flower to accommodate four guests. An unusual cube shaped room that houses two named the ‘Night Box’ is supported by a sturdy steel frame that lifts it several feet above the ground level. Its walls are made from recycled materials and the roof opens up to bring fresh air and light inside the room. There is also a deluxe room made of wood, especially for the VIPs, dubbed the ‘El Ambassador’. It is accessed by a collapsible ladder and it again accommodates two people.

At the heart of this unusual hotel is the solar-powered “Wellness Machine” that houses the reception, a bar, lounge, and the breakfast service. Before going through the entire complex the guests stop here first. All the rooms provide an unusual room service that also includes love songs and disco parties.

Via: Gizmag

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