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Halloween Tricks That Overwhelmed the World

by Ecofriend1874

Halloween is all about festivities and sugar candies and sweets. However, with child obesity becoming a major issue and a matter requiring genuine concern, one needs to understand that Halloween or no Halloween we need to trick our children from having loads of sugar candies. Now Halloween is a time when children go many places and are adorned with lots and lots of candies and sweetmeats. How do we avoid such situations? Halloween is certainly festival time, so we certainly do not want our children to be saddened and at the same time we really want to steer them clear of the overdose of sugar candies. The following tricks are sure to overwhelm your kids and also solve your purpose.

  • Days before Halloween start counseling your children on the harmful effects of having too many candies. Tactfully explain the problems associated with eating too much sugar. Educate them about obesity and tooth and gum cavity related problems. They have to be convinced to not to eat too much candies. Dictating them will only sound like giving them a punishment to not have candies.
  • Fill them up with a tasty and healthy dinner before they leave for their Halloween rounds. Include lot of fibers, proteins and sweet fruits in the dinner. Once they are stuffed, their candy intake will automatically be low.

  • Get together with friends and neighbors and replace in a group the traditional sweet candies with more fancy Halloween themed gifts. There can be a lot of options like Halloween theme pencils, whistles and caps.
  • A community or block Halloween party is a great idea to keep a tab on the candy intake by children. A pot luck Halloween party is the best way to enjoy Halloween minuser loads of candies. Carved pumpkins, egg based desserts etc. are good replacements and substitutes for candies and add to the festive fervor. Utilize some awesome Halloween props to keep them distracted and tire them out with some active games.
  • Stetting a time limit and also the number of houses visited is a great idea to keep a tab on the number of candies your child consumes on Halloween.
  • If your child is grown up he may enjoy role of assisting you in welcoming other younger children visiting your house for Halloween.

These simple tricks ensure that your child is not saddened and enjoys the festivities of Halloween to the maximum. These tricks will rather overwhelm not only your child but also the neighbors around.

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