GreenQloud First Launch Of Completely Green Web-Based Computing Centre

Currents era makes use of latest technology for successful accomplishment of routine task. Computer is most important and widely used technical device for every decisive job whether it is banking, internet connectivity and data accumulation. Computers have evolved as completely indispensable tool of life. With a subsequent increase in the demand of more enhanced device, it is now a major concern to protect the world from energy consumption and downsides of technically advanced devices.

In past few years, green computing has evolved as completely different approach through which companies endeavour to achieve necessary growth of business without harming environment. Green Computer is of great use to atmosphere as companies have taken initiative to throw away electrical dissipate in an effective manner. Electrical waste can be referred as electronic products, which are extremely dangerous to environment. These perilous materials are a threat to both health of humans and environment. Most of the popular companies manufacturing computer parts include some applications making use of harmful chemicals, plastics, metals and toxic materials in great amount. These waste materials when disposed by burning contaminate water, air and even soil, which are essential components for a person to live in. So, it becomes very imperative to manage and execute countless options to protect the environment from harmful effects of electronic waste.

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Green computer is a crucial requisite for safe and harmless upshot, as it is environmentally manageable computing. Green computing opens up ways for users to be more eco-friendly and technically prolonged way of computing. Leading purpose behind the launch of green computing is to reduce the use of harmful materials, increased kin energy efficiency and make people accustom to the benefits of recycling.

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According to the Gartner Study released in the year 2007, IT industry can alone produce a huge amount of greenhouse gas that is almost equivalent to complete aviation industry.  This is the leading cause why Eiki Hrafnsson together with Tryggvi Larusson established the foundation of “GreenQloud”.  GreenQloud is first cloud opened to public and powered by 100% renewable resource of energy. GreenQloud is Iceland-based public cloud that runs solely on renewable energy. On the other hand, Iceland also runs on 70% hydroelectric and 30% geothermal energy. Currently paired with three high-capacity data cables, GreenQloud connects North America, Europe and Iceland. With this public cloud, you can have a perfect blend of green cloud, which can surely gratify the requisite of demanding clients in two data-heavy continents of world.

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When the company is just about come out of open beta at “DEMO Fall 2012 Conference”, you can have some decisive tractions. According to a report given to VentureBeat by CMO Paula Gloud, GreenQloud released its program for beta signup in the month of July 2012. Since the launch of Beta Signup, company is receiving accolades from superior and top-notch industry outlets like Greenpeace. Moreover, GreenQloud has registered and certified beta users of more than 61 countries.

GreenQloud offer IaaS or “Infrastructure as a Service” that includes storage resource, computing and network. All of them entirely depend on open-source technology and product hardware. Company is running in partnership with database vendors, hardware, software and platform so that it can seamlessly present DBaas, Saas or Pass service. In addition to this, company guarantee ease-of-use for environmental friendly clients dealing with transfer of data. According to GreenQloud, its services are Amazon-Compatible to simplify the computing process lined up with Amazon. Green energy is a matter of concern for most of the enterprises as per the statement of Dan Dodge, an advocate of Google developer. GreenQloud not only provide environmental benefits but it is also cost-effective, attractive and beneficial for both businesses and investors.

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