Green wineries to save environment in the US

The ecosystem of our planet is already in a bad situation and if we want to save it from further damage, then it is necessary to adapt eco-friendly measures in every sphere of our lives. In this context, we will look at some of the sustainable wineries in US and the steps they have taken to ensure that their work has least negative impact on the environment.

Let us briefly go through these wineries, which were selected based on certification they have, packing methodology, transportation mechanism and growing practices.


Alma Rosa:

They have organic certification and the company makes use of green farming methods such as water conservation. Bottle production wastage is also reduced by utilizing a single bottle mold for every type of wine. The building of the winery has also been constructed keeping in mind all the green building norms like use of recycled as well as local resources. The company is located at Buellton, California.

Frog’s Leap Winery

Frog’s Leap Winery:

This winery utilizes dry farming, which results in lesser wastage of water. The company also uses cover crops like mustard and oats every year, which return natural nutrients back to soil as well as work as environment for birds and local insects to thrive. Additionally, situated at Rutherford, California, the headquarters of Frog’s Leap Winery has received LEED certification and the buildings use solar power.

Franzia Winery

Franzia Winery:

Franzia is quite famous in college campuses all over the country. They have developed a name for their boxed packaging which is quite eco friendly and reduces carbon footprint they have because of their glassless packaging. The winery is situated in Ripon, California.

Grgich Hills

Grgich Hills:

Located at Rutherford, California, Grgich Hills winery uses fully organic farming methods as well as natural corks for the bottles. In addition to it, the winery is solar powered one and is best example of sustainable use of energy sources.

Kendall Jackson

Kendall Jackson:

Based out of Santa Rosa, California, Kendall is among largest producers of wine in the country and they make a concerned effort to maintain green vineyards. The company also works towards water conservation, use of solar energy and recycled inputs throughout their winery that is spread over fourteen thousand acres of land.


Many initiatives are being taken by people to conserve our environment. Wineries are not staying behind and playing their role to help save the environment. If other industries also take similar steps then it will mean a lot and help the planet.

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