Green Technologies for a Clean and Sustainable Future

Green technologies are our future; therefore, scientists around the globe are working towards new technological developments that will make vital changes in our lives and the way we live. These technologies will make our life more sustainable in the days to come.

Green Architecture

Green Architecture

Green architecture can help in using urban resources in an efficient manner, as buildings are constructed that make the most out of daylight in order to lessen energy consumption. Such buildings drastically reduce the need for heating and cooling and the construction materials used are recycled. If we implement green architecture in construction, then it will hugely reduce our lighting needs and the heat that is lost to our surroundings. The construction materials in green architecture are taken from urban landfills and waste, and this will put less pressure on our natural resources.

Generating Electricity Out of Waste Water

waste water

Engineers at the Oregon State University have come out with a hybrid electricity generator wherein electricity is produced out of wastewater. They have combined two technologies – reverse electrodialysis and microbial fuel cells – to achieve the same. With the help of these two technologies, wastewater would be used to produce electricity. Furthermore, the electricity produced would not only treat water, but would also produce much more to contribute to the power grid.

Discovering Nuclear Energy

Nuclear Energy

There is a lot of potential in nuclear energy; however, the downside to it – radioactive waste – is something that is a deterrent. There are materials like Thorium that can replace Uranium for nuclear energy and is available in abundance. Uranium is a nuclear fuel out of which we only use 1% for producing fuel and the rest is waste. However, that is not the case with Thorium, as it produces less waste. The only downside is the cost involved. However, scientists are working toward making it more affordable.

Making Biofuel out of Waste

Making Biofuel out of Waste

We constantly look for efficient ways of trashing and recycling our waste and with technology, we can now convert grass, wood scrap and paper into biomass and then into ethanol. This process of conversion will reduce out carbon footprint and uses less water. Pyrolysis is a process that can reduce greenhouse gas emissions with the end product being charcoal.

Carbon Capture

Carbon Capture

This is the process wherein carbon is stored underground; however, the it can be risky pertaining to leaks or storage issues is yet to be explored. Nevertheless, this is an appealing prospect, as it would be cost effective and efficient as well. Lastly, two new identified molecules can make carbon capture a safer, cheaper, and effective process.


Sustainable Technological innovations can truly alter our existence and help overcome some looming issues such as water and energy deficits that we face. They might seem a little farfetched but the solutions are not impossible at all.

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