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What’s Next: Green products powered by self generated energy

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Self generated energy products

As we know it

While the greatest drive of the eco-conscious generation is to use renewable sources of power, attempts are being made to replace every possible gadget run by non-renewable sources with green products that curb environmental pollution and reduce over brimming of the landfills. Berlin based eco-conscious engineer, Benjamin Beck has made a noteworthy move in this direction. He has developed a green battery pack that is run by solar energy as well as kinetic energy. All you need to do is to place the charged out battery pack in sun for a certain period of time on sunny days and the battery will juice up within no time. But in cloudy days it draws the charge from your movements, thereby converting kinetic energy into electrical energy and gets charged up again. It has been named by the designer as Scaraby Energy Backpack. This functional green gadget is portable and convenient to use.

Need for change

The technical hassles of installing a conventional inverter or replacing a batter pack every time with a new one is extremely bothersome, not to mention the environmental issues connected with it. But, on the contrary, these eco-friendly devices like, the PowerRouter generator; an integrated power management systems, battery pack like Scaraby Energy Backpack, Universal Generator, Wrist Grip Charger, etc. have the facilities to be charged and monitored remotely, with optional power storage functions in some of them, that make them edge over the traditionally used devices.

What’s next?

1. Universal Generator harnesses kinetic energy for clean electricity

Universal Generator

What’s new?

Universal Generator is the creation of the designer Chris Natt as a vital eco-conscious device which is a part of the green movement. This generator will generate electricity but not at the cost of environmental pollution. The basic principle of this generator is to convert kinetic energy into electrical energy.

What difference will it make?

The most important feature of this generator that needs mention here is that it is provided with a set of anchors and grooves. These help the generator get connected to anything that rotates. Thus, you can connect, clamp or strap any rotating object, like wind turbine, water turbine or even a rotating wheel barrow with this generator. Batteries connected to this generator further stores the additional power supply.


Although this is a great attempt of the designer, Chris Natt, who have been awarded as one of the top five designers of Noise Festival 2008, but is suffers from a dark side too. The design of this eco-conscious generator lacks notable technical and engineering details that can be evaluated critically.

2. Wrist grip charging, exercise to reinstate life into your gadget

Wrist grip charging

What’s new?

This eco-conscious device is an incredible and innovative companion for iPhones and other mobile devices. Now, you do not have to worry much when your mobile phone or any such device gets charged out somewhere where you can hardly find any source of electricity nearby to recharge it again. The skin of your wrist will do the needful and what you have to do is to keep it tied to your wrist as a wrist watch. Thanks to the eco-conscious engineer, Mac Funamizu, who could conceptualize such an unthinkable concept.

What difference will it make?

This device will be a great step ahead in the movement of eco-consciousness by bringing about no environmental hazard at all. The more important feature that makes it different from other gadgets is that it values your time. So, you need not wait for endless hours till your lifeless cell phone gets recharged again Next important benefit is that you can bring your handset back into life even in a place where there is no AC outlet within accessible range.


Although the designer claims that the process of recharging your iPhone or other mobile devices will be quicker and convenient with this gadget, but the big question is that who will like to sit beside a charged out mobile phone and exercise his or her wrist muscles in order to make it recharged again?

3. Nokia Morph Concept Phone

Nokia Morph Concept

What’s new?

Nokia brings forth the high tech charging device, Morph that is equipped with powerful sensors that help it to draw charge from the environment and pass it on to dead mobile sets and other devices lying nearby and bring them back to life. It is an indication of how innovative and improved the mobile accessories of the future are going to be. At an initial stage it is meant for the niche and economically developed population. But the company promises to bring down its price.

What difference will it make?

The flexibility of Morph is the talk of the town. It can stretch to become a bar and can shrink further like that of a bracelet. Other important features that make it superior is its transparent surface and self cleaning device that make it convenient to maintain by the user.


This product is yet to hit the commercial market and what you might find at present is a promo model being presented.

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