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Green mega structures: Ski resort in Lapland by Big Architects

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The mega structure

The upcoming avatar of the Levi ski resort will be even more riveting, the building will be revamped to look futuristic and absolutely stunning. There are many reasons why this green resort will attract throngs of visitors. Firstly, it is situated very close to the Kittilä airport. Apart from this, the comfy accommodation, range of amenities and loads of leisure activities will be a huge lure for travelers. Kassiopeia Finland Oy, which owns a number of resorts in different locations, will develop the existing Levi Ski center and transform it into Koutalaki Ski Village. The resort is located at Levi in Finland. The project will be headed by Hanna Johansson and the team will have experts like David Tao, Erik de Haan, Jeff Mikolajewski, Jesper Victor Henriksson, Lucian Racovitan and Maren Allen.

Ski Resort in Lapland

From the central square of the building, additional four structures will branch out creating a set of buildings that have been bunched together around a central hub. Users can mount up to the roof from any of these buildings and then easily descend downhill from here. The topline of the structure will peak and then slope down at various points, thus creating an arresting visual and making the entire structure just blend into the horizon. The steep slopes of the construction greatly compliment the natural topography of the surrounding area, which consists mainly of lofty crests and valleys. The man-made mountain on which people can ski easily is designed meticulously. The building looks absolutely majestic and riveting from afar, and it is equally fascinating on the inside.

What makes it mega

An extremely well planned structure that fits right into its natural habitat, it makes your stay pleasurable, pleasant and extremely comfortable. The entire structure has been thoughtfully put together; the top floor will be a place from where visitors can enjoy the snowy view around them, while the lower level will house cafes and bars. Panoramic view of the surroundings can also be enjoyed when one takes the centrally located elevator to the top of the building. Additionally, there are several paths running through the resort complex also. Enjoy a meal at the rooftop restaurant; the 360 degree view of the neighborhood from here is simply breathtaking.

The private gardens located at different altitudes are gorgeous. The large windows fitted throughout help you enjoy the silvery white view of the snow outside. There are eight private villas inside the resort complex, the special thing about them is the way they have been fitted into the structure and how you enjoy the marvelous view on the outside from here. Each villa is located at different heights and offers its residents a quiet and undisturbed view of the surrounding area. The resort complex is marvelous during the summers also; you can enjoy activities like hiking and picnicking here. The rooftops especially are a great place to lounge about in the lazy summer days as they will be gilded with pretty blossoms during the sunny days.


a. Developer

The structure is a collaborative effort between Kassiopeia Finland and Big-Bjarke Ingels Group.

b. Purpose


c. Surface area

47,000 square meters

Eco credentials

The best thing about the structure is the way it allows you to enjoy the climate without letting the extreme chill thwart your vacation. The building, though built to be open, keeps you cozy at all times. The lights in the interiors warm you up while the sloping roof shields inhabitants from the harsh icy winds. The common square is a place where you can loll out, there are music events here and also an ice skating rink, you need not worry about the frigid weather while hanging out as the extended eaves provide shelter. Even the snow falling down settles down neatly, it piles on the window sills and gives the whole place a laid back snowy touch. The way the structure fits right into the natural terrain and makes visitors comfy despite the climate is really laud worthy. One of the hottest green structures around, the building also boasts of green roofs which add immensely to the structures green quotient.

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