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Green house plans/ sustainable architecture

by Ecofriend1874

Saving the environment is one of the most important things that need to be done. People across the world are realizing the importance and need to save and conserve the planet and its natural resources and therefore they are taking adequate steps towards the cause. One way of contributing to this noble cause is adopting sustainable methods of living. Sustainable methods include use of things that are friendly to the environment and hence pose no threat to the planet. The sustainable ways are making their way to almost every sector such as clothing, decorating and even architecture. Yes, you read it right as these days the architects are incorporating sustainable designs and techniques to build different structures both commercial and residential.

Sustainable architecture- hope for a better tomorrow

The architects from all over the world are trying very hard to come up with ideas that are sustainable and affordable at the same time so that more and more people can come on board. There are such ideas that tell people that going green is not expensive and it does not require giving up on anything. You can use modern techniques and things in your homes and still become eco friendly in every manner. These new ways are easy to adopt plus they will definitely improve your quality of living as well.


For instance if you have a courtyard in your home then decorating it with different kinds of plants will not only make it sustainable but it will also enhance the look of the courtyard and your house. This was only one example of what you can do to make your home eco friendly and also add style to the place. Good ventilation in the house along with maximum usage of natural light is very important in order to become eco friendly. Both the above mentioned things can be achieved by making bigger windows in the house. Therefore if you are planning to build a new house then remember to make big windows.

You will also be glad to know that green house plans can save you a lot of money which means that they are good in every possible way. The end result of a green house plan is an elegant house that poses no threat to the environment. You can adopt sustainable methods in building the house and apart from that you can also add eco friendly equipments in your house to make it sustainable from the outside and the inside. In all there are many ways by which you can reduce the environmental footprint of your house. It is now time to talk about the common characteristics that are present in a sustainable house.


An environmental friendly house has an active or a passive solar design. Other than that the house must also have excellent day lighting which means maximum utilization of natural light must be present. The third and one of the most important feature is that the house must be saving the natural resources as that is the whole point of going green.

An eco friendly house will have sustainable appliances and equipments inside as that will make it an efficient architectural example. The building materials of such houses are also sustainable in nature. An efficient sustainable house has eco friendly building materials and man exterior sustainable features as well. The green house plans are growing in popularity these days as more and more people are adopting them. These houses have loads of great features to look out for and hence people are shifting their focus on green house plans.

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