Top 5 most extreme green homes for eco conscious individuals

Acqua Liana In Palm Beach County, Florida

Since the dawn of history, human beings have carved out personal shelters for themselves, be it in rudimentary caves or colossal palaces. Because a house (as a shelter) is a kind of a private spatial volume which alludes to our personality at an intrinsically micro-level. It is among the very few places where one can experience the tranquility of physical safety as well as psychological retirement. Moreover, housing industry from the commercial sense also forms a major part of our economy. And as with other major construction industries, housing does contribute to significant levels of carbon emission (statistically, 30 percent of the total carbon emissions in the UK).

This is where green dwellings enter the commercial fray with their adamantly low carbon attributes. In relation to this, let us check out 5 such green homes which have the potentiality to be our sustainable saviors in the future.

1. Plus-Energy House with Electromobility

Plus-Energy House with Electromobility

It is a zero carbon house that can also charge your electric vehicle. Designed by ILEK (Institute for Lightweight Structures and Conceptual Design) at University of Stuttgart, the futuristic self sustaining dwelling generates its own electricity by various renewable mechanisms. The holistic system includes an array of solar cells, interior solar thermal generators and an interactive facade for optimized user experience. Finally, user features also incorporate a EV charging facility, with extra power being transferred back to the main grid.

2. 995 Longbow Place in Larkspur, Colorado

995 Longbow Place in Larkspur, Colorado

This palatial 9,800 sq ft dwelling is often touted as one of the greenest luxury homes on our planet. The reason is pretty simple – in spite of the apparent opulence, the total electricity bill generated per month comes to a paltry $350. This is because a myriad of low energy systems ‘fuel’ the house including solar thermal panels, efficacious water heating systems, solar electric panels and wrap-around wall insulation. Even the paint job and exterior finishes are comprised of energy efficient composite materials.

3. Ewok Tree House

Ewok Tree House

A naturalistic housing conception and that too influenced by the Star Wars?! The idea may seem fantastical, but this spherical dwelling designed by Canadian carpenter Tom Chudleigh certainly tickles our interest. With a substantial diameter of 11ft, this house is made up of a sturdy, waterproof exterior designed from a composite of wood and fiberglass. It has a capacity for four people with basic furnishings including bed and a kitchen with a refrigerator, sink, and microwave. The total cost of owning one can range around $95,000.

4. Houl – A house designed by Simon Winstanley Architects

Houl - A house designed by Simon Winstanley Architects

Constructed in the scenic town of Castle Douglas in Scotland, designers Simon Winstanley Architects have aptly described this house as full fledged ‘zero carbon’ house. This is because every design consideration ranging from building materials, orientation to even structural slope alludes to requirement of low energy consumption by the occupants. Moreover, the simplistic building makes use of high levels of insulation, natural ventilation systems and renewable wind energy mechanisms to notch up its overall degree of sustainability.

5. Acqua Liana In Palm Beach County, Florida

Acqua Liana In Palm Beach County, Florida

Behold the world’s largest and most expensive eco-friendly home. Designed by Frank McKinney, this 15,000 square feet ‘green’ mansion fuses the naturalism of sustainable components with ostentatious spatial volumes. Amenities include a basket ball court sized solar array and a state-of-the-art water purification system. The architect has also made use of passive techniques such as temperature controlling wooden facades, waterfalls and reflecting pools. Coming to the cost factor, it may be out of range for many people, as the figure stands at a whopping $29 million.

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