‘Green Air’ to monitor your rest and grant you greater productivity at work

If you want to pep your work space and environment with a green rejuvenating energy, you can now rely on a constant supply of negative ions, using an innovative device called, ‘Green Air’. Conceived by designers Wang Yi Peng and Fan Xu & Zhu RB, the device is shaped like a rectangular tube with plant furrows in the top region and an LED on the left front corner. To be perched atop your computer screen, it will regulate your work hours and your rest hours. This way it will help you to have a healthier lifestyle and will also increase your productivity at work.

Take a Green Break

The working of the device is utterly simple to understand. It comes integrated with temperature sensors and after working for a given time, when the monitor temperature will rise, the color of the light in the LED will change, indicating that it’s time to rest. The self sufficient device is powered by electricity, which is produced with the help of the plant’s biomass and also the heat exuded from the monitor.

Copper and zinc are two electrodes that are buried in the soil of the plant container and are a medium of circulating the charge. This charge is converted into usable electricity with the help of the soils electrolyte metabolism facilitated with the help of the live plant. The only thing that one needs to be cautious about is to regularly water the plants, so that the system remains alive.

Living a stationary life in a world of computers can make your fingers go stiff and cause pain in the back, affecting your health in many ways you won’t even realize. Therefore it is a good way to leave your health in the hands of green device that will take care of your health and manage your work time and rest time.

Via: Yankodesign

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