Go Green – Use Technology the Eco-friendly Way

In today’s world we use technology in our day to day life. Computer is one thing all of us use. Be it for work, banking, being socially connected, updated about the world. Computers have become an indispensable part of our life. Have you ever thought how interesting it would be to use computers in an eco-friendly manner? In an age, where demands are high, and resources less, all of us want to do our bit in conserving energy and protecting the nature. It would not be a bad idea to bring in “Green Computing” in our day to day lives 🙂


What is Green Computing?

Green computing is totally a different approach where companies try to achieve the necessary business growth without harming the environment. It is highly beneficial to the atmosphere as the companies take the initiative to dispose of the electronic waste in a very efficient way. Electronic waste is actually the electronic product that is highly dangerous in nature. These hazardous materials pose a threat to human health and environment. The manufacture of certain computer parts involves the application of huge amount of toxin materials, harmful chemicals, heavy metals, plastics which cannot be easily burnt. These materials, when destroyed by burning easily contaminate the water and air which are the essential components to live a healthy life. So it is highly important to appropriately manage and implement myriads options so that they are less harmful to environment.


How do we use Computers in an Eco-Friendly Manner?

Green Computer is the need of the hour. It is an environmentally sustainable computing. Green Computing allows the users to use the computer in a more environment friendly & technologically sustainable manner of computing. The rationale behind this new approach is:

ñ  Reduction in the usage of hazardous materials.

ñ  Increase in the energy efficiency

ñ  Make people understand the importance of recycling.

The below given simple tips can help us use our Computers in an eco-friendly manner.


ñ  A large amount of paper work is generated when working on computers. It is always advisable to double check all the documents for accuracy before printing and maximizing use of correspondence via email or electronic copy rather than hard copy.

ñ  Use the computer very efficiently by concentrating blocks of time for use and keeping the hardware off when not in use.

ñ  Shut down or your computer when leaving for the day from your workplace or at home, avoid using screen savers. Best is to switch-off your computer monitors when not in use.

ñ  Use energy star equipment, which consume less energy. Use power management features for the computers to keep the screen and the hard drives to become inactive if the computer is ideal for a long time.

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