Go Green by Packing Waste Free Lunch for Your Kids

Packing Waste Free Lunch

Lunch hours are the most fun and the most enjoyed of all times. There need to be certain measures undertaken that will cause you to go green with your lunches too. Of course, you can pack a good healthy, eco-friendly lunch for yourself, and have it that way, but kids don’t usually comply. Especially when there is no one around to confront or guide them, kids usually give in to instincts and end up not having their lunches the eco-friendly way.

Use the ideas given below to ensure that your kids never take resort to non-eco-friendly goods when it comes to their packed meals even in your absence:

  • Use reusable napkins:

Ask your kids to use napkins that can be washed and used again. This will reduce the waste generation in the society and will also save you a couple of bucks from purchasing new napkins over and over again. Also, tell your child why this is important, and why they must do it.

  • Opt for reusable forks and spoons:

Lunch for Your Kids

Plastic forks and spoons add tremendously to the waste generation all over the world. Ditch all plastic forks and spoons and prefer stainless steel ones instead. They are tough, long-lasting and are completely safe for the environment.

  • Use cloth bags:

Packing your kids lunch in a cloth bag will benefit in two ways. You will be using cloth, so that will count as your contribution in improving the condition of the environment. And two, you will give out a very good and encouraging message to the ones around you that they may also resort to using cloth bags.

  • Have them make their own lunches:

Lunch for Your Kids

Encourage your kid to prepare their own lunches. This will put them through the experience and they will know how important it is to go eco-friendly. Also, they will even be open to choices and can customise their meal however they want to.

  • Pack in paper:

Sandwiches, rolls, or hotdogs can be packed in paper instead of aluminum foil. This is because aluminum foil generates more waste as compared to paper. The latter is even recyclable while the former is not so eco-friendly. Get your kids in the habit of using paper over plastic or any other material.

  • Cut and place your fruits:

Packing Waste Free Lunch

Uncut fruits have a high chance of gong uneaten. Children are quite easily distracted and may end up taking only a bite or two from the entire fruit. Cut it up and then store it in the box. This way, the chance of your kid eating the fruit is high, and lesser chances there are of the fruit landing in the waste bin.

  • Have a word with their school staff:

Extend your ideas to your kids’ school staff.  Talk to them about what can be done to introduce new and better eco-friendly ways and tactics to be adopted in school. Ask them if they are willing to contribute, and do their share.  All kids can then be simultaneously trained by their parents and teachers to go green.

  • Prefer reusable containers for beverages:

Packing Waste Free Lunch

Beverages like fruit drinks or the likes must not be stored in plastic bottles if going green is your motto. Use reusable bottles and store your kids’ beverages in them. Ask your child to get these bottles back home instead of dumping them elsewhere.

  • Leftovers:

Encourage your kid to bring home leftover for lunch. Don’t scold them if they fail to finish their lunch. Explain to them why it is important to have a proper meal before having a snack. Give them time to adopt the new practices, and deal with the matter with patience. Don’t encourage your kid to dump the leftovers in the waste-bin.

Remember, that your kids need to understand its importance before they agree to do something like this. Educate them well, and make sure that they understand the need for it. once your child complies, there will be no need for you to go running behind correcting them. 

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