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Gifts which appear eco-friendly but are not

by Ecofriend1874

Eco-friendly gifts take some time and investment and it is certainly worth it. However, there are some things you need to keep in mind because although some gifts might seem to be eco-friendly, they are probably not.


Any gift ordered online

There are varieties of online stores that vouch on selling eco friendly gifts. But the main fact remains that, all gifts are not eco friendly. Try avoiding gifts that are ordered online, because online gifts claim a lot of things but actually are not. Search for options that are available locally. There are some toy planes and trains which are ordered online which emit carbon smoke which may look great, but are actually not good for your child’s health.



Fruits and veggies in a basket make for a great gift, particularly to the people who are eco conscious, but do remember to purchase only local and fruits and veggies which are in season. When you live far away from a climate which supports your exotic fruit or veggies, you might want to stay away from purchasing it when it appears in your local market. The best way to purchase fruits is seeing whether it is absolutely fresh and straight from the gardens. Fresh fruits look good, tastes great and is good for your health as well. Stay away from artificially colored fruits and vegetables.


Packaging of any gift

We might invest a lot in our gift and a lot of thought might actually go into buying a gift which might seem eco-friendly and chances are even if you do get it right, you might forego on the aspect of the packaging. Always remember to go eco-friendly till the end. When you wrap gifts, forget the plastic and harmful wrapping and concentrate on eco-friendly options like old newspapers, a cloth bag or go without the wrapping altogether. Surely that is not bad an option?


Message but not manufacture

You may be hoaxed by a number of advertisements and logos on T shirts, toys or some other items like stay green, go green, be healthy etc etc. But the true fact is that, not all products are actually environmentally conscious. Does a thorough check before you purchase any product because the product which you are buying may not ne eco friendly after all!! Make the best choice wisely.

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