Eco-cleaning: Remove rust stains the natural way

salt lemon 2112Rust is the oxide that is formed by open-air oxidation of iron. Most of the hardware in the house – especially in kitchen and bathrooms are prone to rust as they come in contact with water more often.

The shower door railings or handles can be sore point to the eye if left unclean. Most commercial rust cleaners contain acids that are not only highly toxic but expensive as well. Forget those expensive rust removers. You can make a rust-cleaning product at home which is equally effective.

All you need is salt and lime juice. Sprinkle some salt on the rusty spot and put lime juice on top of it. Take care to see that you don’t add too much lime that the salt gets dropped off. Leave it around for a few hours, get a scrubber and scrub off the stains. That’s it and you have a stain free handle, cheap and effective. Isn’t it?



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