Eco Gadgets Guide

How to charge USB devices by pedaling your bicycle

You might know “Energy can be neither created nor destroyed. It can only be transformed from one form of energy to another”. We human beings are dependent on energy for almost every activity we intend to do. Natural energy is available through various res

Top 10 self powered concept cellphones

A few years ago, mobile phones were considered to be a luxury product. But now it has almost become a must have article. Today, when the green concept is hovering over the human kind with an ever important ferocity, it is obvious that even mobile phone co

10 of the worst greenwashed products available in the market

Our planet is getting warmer with every passing day, and every year new temperature records are set, more and more erratic weather patterns are observed, and all the credit to this planet altering phenomenon is attributed to global warming. One of the m

Best eco friendly concept music players

Each one of us loves some or the other sort of music. Music is a continuously evolving industry and the way we listen to music has completely changed. We’re gradually moving into an era where music and music devices should be essentially green if these ha

Seiko unveils ‘Hybrid’ series of PV-powered wristwatches

Eco Factor: Wristwatches powered by exposed photovoltaic cells.

Seiko Watch Corp has announced the developed of a new “Hybrid” series of environmentally friendly wristwatches that are powered by onboard solar panels. The watches will be…

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