Gadgets that Make Your Home Eco-Friendly

Environmental Degradation

Nowadays people are looking to live a more eco friendly life and saving the environment in ways that are possible for them. This is because the grave and unhealthy state that we find our environment in today. In the last century or so the environment has degraded at an alarming level. Partly it is because of the natural phenomena in the environment that cause its degradation and mostly it is because of harmful impact on environment due to human activities. The former has always been happening for millions of years but the extreme impact of humans on the environment is a recent phenomenon.

Impact and Need for Change

The changes in climates, the changes in weather patterns, extreme smog and pollution in cities, depletion of ozone layer and depletion of forests that cause depletion of oxygen in the environment are some of the harmful impacts on environment caused by human activities. It is not just agriculture, transport and industry that causes environmental degradation but it is the everyday human activities that also have harmful impacts on the environment. We can make changes in our homes to lead a more eco friendly life. The following are some of the gadgets that make the home more eco friendly and help you and your family lead a more sustainable living:


  • Water is an essential commodity and needs to be conserved. When we take showers often a lot of water as well as energy to heat the water is wasted. Shower Timers are helpful as they help us take shorter baths and thus help save water.
  • Solar panels are a great way to use renewable energy for your household. Solar panels can be fitted on the rooftops and solar energy can be used to power the household. If solar panels are too much for you, there are also many small solar gadgets like solar chargers for consumer electronics, solar water heaters and other solar energy gadgets that one can use.


  • Thermostats use up a lot of energy and contribute heavily towards the energy bill. But there are many energy efficient thermostats available in the market. Also thermostats with occupancy sensors only work on rooms where there are people present in them. This also helps save energy. An occupancy sensor for lights switches is a gadget that switches of the lights when there is nobody in the room. This also helps save energy.
  • Use household appliances with energy star rating that conserve energy and use very little energy. Many major electronics companies all over the world today are making appliances that save energy so next time you go shopping look for energy saving household appliances.


  • There are also really useful gadgets called voltage meters, when plugged in to the electrical socket between the electrical output sockets and appliances will let you know how much electricity or energy is being used by the appliances in your house. This will make you more informed and help you to buy more energy efficient appliances if needed.
  • A universal remote is a very eco friendly option. It reduces the use of plastic as we do not need to buy many remotes for different gadgets. Sometimes our smartphones can also turn into a household universal remote.

The above were some innovative gadgets that make the home more eco friendly in nature. This will help you live a more sustainable living and conserve and protect the environment. If all homes adopt these small measures collectively it will have a very positive impact on the environment around us.

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