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Futuristic Public Rapid Transit blends the advantages of a car and transit

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Public Rapid Transit (PRT) is regarded vital to the future of mass transport. The apparent reason is that the system is energy efficient and combines the advantages of both transit and personal transportation. In particular, beamways are the most progressive in the realm of PRT innovations. By installing solar collectors on top, they optimize the use of natural resources, conserving energy and yet providing maximum convenience to travelers, eliminating the possibility of traffic jams.

Individual Transit

Ideal for personal transport, PRT will take travelers to their destinations automatically, without the need to drive. After one set of passengers are over with their journey, it’s time to collect another set. The vehicles will keep relocating themselves according to passenger demands.

In order to maintain sufficient speed and serve maximum passenger traffic, it is imperative that the vehicles are put up on an elevation, like a beamway, and also they are specifically made from steel to keep their weight under control.

Till the recent past, PRT technology was not laying much emphasis on minimizing energy consumption, but now, things are taking a turn with the advancements in computer technology, using every possible low energy material for its construction.

The main incorporation that can make the PRT more efficient includes use a track, which is higher and wider and maintains better structural stability; use of steel wheels that will cut the energy consumption by half and lastly, adjusting the pressure on the drive wheel will manage the friction better, helping it to be energy efficient.

Via: Techbriefs

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