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Creative pocket doors made from eco friendly materials

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Sliding doors that run on a track built into the wall are known as pocket doors. Unlike most doors which swing open on hinges, pocket doors, when opened, disappear into the walls and when closed, slide out of the walls. The concept of pocket doors is not exactly new, and were quite common in the elegant homes of the 1890’s.

pocket door

In contrast to pocket doors, swinging doors require more free space, as they have to be swung forward and backward. Usefulness of pocket doors is prevalent in small spaces, where it would be difficult to fit in a swinging door. One can utilize usable floor and wall space, which would otherwise be taken up by a door’s swing. Thus pocket doors do not require as much space as swinging doors do, and if you have dearth of space in your room, you might as well build these. These doors,when built with the help of eco-friendly materials are also environment-friendly. It is pretty simple to install pocket doors and this will save you a lot of money since you can do it yourself. Buying a kit for building pocket doors is advisable, as it would make your work relatively easier. Once you have the pocket door kit with you, you are ready to go!

Things Required to build a Pocket Door:

1. Measuring tape

2. Door hanging kit

3. Drill

4. Screwdriver

5. Hammer

6. Nails

7. Level

8. Drywall, drywall tape, joint compound

9. Construction adhesive

10. Paint and paint brush

Pocket Doors


Step 1: With respect to the given directions, a space in the wall has to be constructed next to the door opening so that the door can slide into it.

Step 2: The pocket door kit comes with a vertical support. This can be done with the help of screwdriver,drills and screws. These are responsible for forming the opening where the door fits.

Step 3: With the help of a drill and screws, now install a header, which is sized accurately, over the door space. A wall containing wiring or plumbing interferes with the installation of a pocket door. Access to the attic and the basement makes it easy to reroute electrical cables.

Step 4: A metal channel constituting wooden nailing strips on each side forms the pocket-door track. Use a drill and screws for attaching the track to the bottom of the door header for the door to slide on.

Step 5: Check if the track is perfectly leveled. If it is not, the gap between the bottom of the door and the floor will be inconsistent. If by chance, the door hits the floor in its movement, its function will be hindered.

Step 6: Use your hand to move wheel assemblies along the track-bottom to ensure free movement to and fro, along the track. This will guarantee smooth movement back and forth.

Step 7: Use a drill and screws to fasten the brackets that will connect to the wheel assemblies to the top of the door.

Step 8: The door should now be lifted into place and you should interlock the assemblies situated at the top of the door with the wheels running along the track. Having a help at hand at this stage could be of immense use to you since this particular step requires some strength and precision.

Step 9: The job is now almost done. Still, in order to make sure that it enjoys unhindered movement into and out of the wall cavity, you must test its function. Smooth movement of the door suggests that you are done with the installation successfully. Yet, if it happens to stick or get jammed, use a screw driver on the upper wheel assemblies to adjust the height at which the door hangs. Since you are done with the installation, you can now paint your pocket door according to your choice.

Pocket Doors

Be careful and observe strict vigil in order to keep your tiny tots away from the tool kit. Keep the drill, screws, and rest of the building materials out of their reach as these are not exactly children-friendly materials.

Pocket doors are thus easy to maintain, and will not burn a hole in your pockets. Though the concept of pocket doors was rejected after its initial success, these doors are now back in fashion and can be of various types, sizes and amazing designs. So go ahead, opt for a pocket door, and give your room a whole new appeal. Use eco-friendly building materials, and you will be doing your bit for the environment as well! Let these affordable, easy-to-maintain doors liven up your rooms. Go to your nearest hardware store, get your pocket door kit, and save up on space and money!

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