Five fuel cell installations to generate clean power

The Octagon

We are living in an energy sucking world where almost everything from living to non-living thrives on one or other form of energy. Everyone is well aware of the limited availability of energy resources yet seldom is done to improve the situation. However, there are many people and organizations around the world that are taking this issue seriously and have installed clean energy resources. Fuel cells have gained immense popularity and high level of acceptance within a shot span of time. There are several factors that are accountable for such remarkable success of fuel cells. These cells bring down energy spent considerably without emitting any global warming gases. It operates quietly and saves precious non-renewable energy sources. One can install these cells in schools, hospitals, homes and factories. Given below are five fuel cell installations to generate clean power. Let’s have a look at these virtually unlimited renewable energy resources:

1. The Octagon in Roosevelt Island, New York

The Octagon is accredited as the first building in New York that is entirely powered by fuel cell. Located in Roosevelt Island, New York this is a 500-unit LEED-certified apartment building that draws energy from a 400-kilowatt fuel cell from UTC Power. This has been one of the most successful projects that have reduced the power expenditure by 35 percent. Owing to its immense utility and commercialization potential this project earned huge financial incentives of $1.2 million from New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA).

2. ClearEdge 5 fuel cell at Stone Edge Winery: Run and lighten up your lights as well as irrigation systems

Joining the league is an organic farm and winery in California that has installed at its premises the ClearEdge 5 fuel cell. They have estimated to save a whooping 49 percent on its annual electricity expenditure. This fuel cell feeds on natural gas, thus, making it a perfect power option for small and medium enterprises. Researchers are looking forward to focus on powering farm’s irrigation systems as well as light systems with the help of ClearEdge 5 fuel cell. ClearEdge Power is a reliable name in the arena of residential and small commercial buildings power technology and has been serving the community since its establishment in 2003.

3. The Bloom Energy Server deployment at eBay in San Jose, California

This one is a successful deployment that complements solar technology investment to generate clean energy by Bloom Energy. This installation is said to offset more than 650,000 pounds of carbon dioxide emissions in the first six months. The entire fuel cell runs on completely renewable biogas and was able to deliver around 2.2 million kilowatt-hours of electricity during the aforesaid period.

4. Walmart’s Bloom Energy installations in southern California

The iconic retailer Walmart has always creates forays in the market with its innovative supply chain and inventory management. Over the years, it has gained a string foothold in the market and has become an integral part of ones shopping experience. In alignment with its policies, Walmart came as one of the first retail giants to have installed clean fuel alternative rather than the conventional energy resources. Its’ two stores in the Southern California have two installations by Bloom Energy’s that are fueled by natural biogas with a whooping capacity of 400 kilowatts. These installations are capable of generating 400 kilowatts of energy together in one year.

5. The UTC Power Model 400 at Whole Foods Market in Dedham, Mass

The UTC Power Model 400 was installed in the month of June this year. This fuel cell has phosphoric acid inside which allows generation of electricity by creating temperature potential gradient via cooling and heating effect. These fuel cells are capable of generating 400 kilowatts of energy as well as 1.7 million Btu/hour of heat. UTC PowerCell Systems has worked a lot to develop a product that has a 10-year cell stack durability and a remarkable 20 year product life which is lot more than the other substitutes available in the market. Whole Foods Market in Dedham, Mass installed the fourth fuel cell.

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