French Company launches sea-water powered green luxury

Are you the one who has extreme appetite for sea expeditions? Here’s some good news for you. Quimperlé, a company based in France has introduced MIG 675, a luxurious boat that is powered by hydrogen which it takes from sea water. Weighing 1300 kg (2800 pounds), MIG 675 is the perfect boat for green freaks who love adventuring at sea.

Hydrogen-powered boat

The boat does not have conventional hydrogen tanks, but has a generator that collects hydrogen from sea water to power itself. Its 500 horsepower engine promise to provide you a top speed of 70 mph. Since MIG 675 uses hydrogen from sea, there is no doubt in stating that it’s absolutely harmless to our mother nature. It emits only water vapor, and in no way the boat would catch fire. However, Quimperlé is yet to reveal how the system actually works to produce energy from hydrogen.

Measuring 6.7 x 2.5 meter, this three-seater boat has everything luxury-lovers want. Starting from a 10 inch touch screen controller to an electric anchor roller, MIG 675 is a dream come true for many. Other features include a global positioning system, fathom seeker, an awesome LED navigation lighting system, rear view camera, an audio system and a bar fridge cum electric table. Other features like shower, leather interiors (a symbol of royal luxury), teak floors and fire safety system are there to add to the cake.

Lastly, coming to its pricing, which is sure to keep your eyes popping out, the boat is priced at €250,000 ($329,727). So when you feel there is a tingle in your stomach to enjoy the feathers of luxury, think of bringing this luxury to your home. This devil would keep your acquaintances in awe of wonder and admiration. Just hold the Luxury and make brains swoon in wonder.

Source: dvice

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