Four green products that we can adopt widely

Most people have become more sensitive to the need for saving the environment and are seeking ways in contributing to the same.  Hence, the usage of organic eco friendly products and alternative energy is something that is widely popularised as it not only protects the environment, but it also provides sustainability. However, although a few green products are not entirely biodegradable and recyclable, yet many fit the bill.


Green Coffin

In fact, many families consider giving a green farewell to the departed soul by arranging an eco friendly funeral arrangement.  However, most families do not know of the option or were not offered the same.  When asked, half of the customers expressed their interest in an eco friendly coffin, if they had to make the choice.

Natural burials are also on the increase, as people prefer planting a tree to placing a headstone.  The caskets are also made out of green woollen, wicker and cardboard.  A supplier provides green coffins operating as Ecoffin.


Green Hangers

Every home has hangers and with the biodegradable green hangers created by E-Hanger- this can be easily adopted by various households across the country.  These hangers are made by using recycled paper and eco-ink that is 100% organic.

They are not being distributed to health clubs, hotels, retails stores and dry cleaners for free.  Such organic hangers can substitute millions of wire and plastic hangers that are eventually dumped into the landfills.  These hangers will reduce the carbon footprint of the industries that make and use hangers including the consumers.


Green Fur

An inventor from Germany has recently invented a new way of using the fur of domestic animals to create something that is eco friendly.

The fur is cleaned and then converted into yarn to finally produce an eco friendly handbag.

Moss Carpet

Eco Friendly Moss Carpet

Moss carpets are essentially green.  It is said that walking on grass improves blood circulation and it would be great if this could be done within the confines of your home!

With the Moss Carpet, this is a possibility as this bathroom matt is made out of living moss and plastazote.  Three types of moss make up the carpet- ball moss, island moss and forest moss.  The plastazote is durable foam known for being decay free.  This moss carpet is low on maintenance.


There are multiple home solutions that are eco-friendly and easy to adopt.  These will not interfere in your lifestyle and will also ensure that you have a smaller carbon footprint and help in the preservation of our environment.

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