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Folio 2.0 – The ultimate and clean urban-drive vehicle

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One of the greatest challenges facing the world today in terms of transport is finding ways and means to travel quickly through heavy traffic. There is also the problem of increasing pollution and as more and more vehicles are added to our streets every day, the problem is only exacerbated. Though ideas of car-pooling and increased usage of public transport help to some extent, they do not solve the problems completely. Here is a concept that is touted to be an answer to many of these problems. Folio 2.0, the latest version of the Folio, has congestion-removal and pollution-free driving in its portfolio!

Folio 2.0 Commuter

Folio 2.0 can be designed perfectly according to the needs of an individual. It is customization at its best. A two-seater, for instance, serves exactly as a two-seater vehicle- nothing more and nothing less. This in itself would be a great boon on roads where we see single people and couples driving vehicles and cars meant for four to six people!

Folio 2.0 vehicles come in all shapes and sizes to perfectly match the user’s requirements. The best thing is that they run completely on electricity. Thus, they are zero-pollution vehicles which solve a major problem for us. Being ultra-flexible in the sizes and shapes that they can be manufactured in, they can be made in such a way to keep the traffic an congestion to minimum. This is achieved by chopping away all the unnecessary, space-consuming appendages.

As far as the future is concerned, Folio 2.0 definitely seems like one bright idea to support.

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