Floating Fish Farm: A sustainable infrastructure crafted out of bamboo for flood prone areas

There is no doubt that changing climate patterns across the planet and global warming are causing a steady increase in sea level. The irregular rainfalls and the cyclonic storms also are adding to the woes of those living in low lying areas and close to the sea. Bangladesh is a nation that is dependent largely on river Ganga and the Bay of Bengal for varied riches that it provides. At the same time, floods, storms and a gradual rise in sea level can wreck havoc with the lives of people in this nation. The lives of many people in this country are dependent on fishing and any irregularities will further add to their already existing miseries.

Float Fish Farm by Nahid Haimonty

The ‘Floating Fish Farm’ from Nahid Haimonty provides a low tech, yet effective solution to the problem of rising sea level and floods. The idea here is not to rely on costly measures that require government intervention or help from outside. The Floating Fish Farm uses bamboo, which is abundantly found in the region along with any other floats that are available locally. The entire structure is an artificial platform that can provide safe shelter to about 20 people and can offer them a sustainable infrastructure that collects freshwater and stores it from rain, uses a fish farm that has cages attached and a vegetable farm as well.

The floating structures will typically be of 1400 sq ft area and with bamboo shelters on top, they provide for safe housing units as well. And in case severe cyclones or dangerous disturbances in the Bay of Bengal are approaching, one can just tug up the floating units upstream to safer locations. The idea is indeed commendable as it tries and provides a practical and economically feasible green solution to the people who are constantly plagued by natural calamities.

Via: open-output

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