Five gadgets that help in conserving energy at home

Conserving energy at home can be challenging especially in modern times when all of us have become so dependent on our appliances and gadgets. However, these five gadgets can help you save a lot of electricity in your household without requiring you to give up modern comforts.


Standby Buster

The Standby Buster is basically a home automation system that allows users to control electrical appliances remotely. Using these plugs, users can turn appliances through the house off with a single click which means that you won’t have to worry about lamps that have been left on, gaming consoles and TV sets that are left powered on and unattended by kids and even air-con systems that you may have forgotten to turn off.

Tankless Water Heater

Tankless water heaters are also known as on demand water heaters. These appliances don’t store hot water. Instead they heat cold water as and when the user needs it only. These units can run on electricity as well propane and natural gas and help you get as much hot water you need whenever you need.


Heatkeeper radiator insulation panel

To boost the efficiency of your exiting radiators, you can use products like Heatkeeper radiator insulation panels. The panel need to be slid behind the radiator so that they heat it generates is reflected back into the room. This allows you to run a radiator on a lower temperature and get more heat of it as well. If you fit these panels behind every radiator in your house, you could save around 30% of your total heating bill annually.

ECO kettle

The ECO Kettle is a simple gadget that helps users boil only the amount of water they need. Instead of forcing users to measure water by cups before putting it in a pan or kettle, the appliance comes with a twin chamber design. Eh upper chamber holds the cold water and a button can be pressed to release a desired amount of water into the boiling chamber when needed. This helps you save around 31% electricity on boiling water for tea and coffee alone!


Viatek G-Ener-G

The Viatek G-Ener-G is a device that allows you to conserve up to 35% energy when you use it with your high power gadgets and appliances like washing machines, microwaves, computers, refrigerators and air conditions. The power saving device uses a harmonic resistant capacitor to modulate the ampage of these appliances and helps reduce your energy consumption as well.

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