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Five easiest ways to produce good compost for your garden

by Ecofriend1874

If you are growing your own organic garden, there is no better way than making your own compost. There is some good compost that you can make yourself while following a few tips to do that. Check out some of the easiest ways you could come up with rich compost for your organic garden.


  • Use closed bins for cold composting: You may use some recycled plastic-made closed bins with lids to make good cold compost. It is quite beneficial for composting in urban and suburban locations. But, its drawback is that it cannot be used for hot-composting as these closed bins cannot maintain the required temperature for that. When you want to take the compost out, just lift the bin itself as it doesn’t have a bottom. You will have your compost dropped out. If you have limited space, this option can get you some nice brown compost.


  • Use open bins for excellent decomposition: Open bins with wire or wood fencing offer a structured area for both hot- and cold-composting. You may easily turn and harvest the materials and there can be a proper circulation of air inside these bins to speed-up the process of decomposition. Additionally, large volumes of rich compost can be made using multiple tidy open bins.
  • Use tumblers for easy turning: Made of plastic, tumblers are generally a good option for cold composting. It’s easy to turn materials using a tumbler and less labor is required. But, it’s good for smaller spaces due to their appearance and size.
  • Go for piling: If you have a larger area, piling is a great option for both cold- and hot-composting. Its openness makes the task easier. You just need a pitchfork for turning purposes with this heap of compostable materials. Piling is a good method for speedy composting as they lose air packets while collapsing on their own. In addition, you do not require any special construction to get good-quality compost.


  • Try vermicomposting: In this method, worms do the job for you. Just create a bedding material using dead leaves or shredded paper or something similar, and place the moistened bedding on the food waste you have collected. It can be done almost anywhere and is this suitable for even smaller spaces like apartments. The most suitable worms for good composting are red wigglers. Once the compost is made, get it to a side of the bedding and place a fresh moistened bedding at its side. Worms will slowly move to the new bedding within some days and you will get worm-free rich compost.

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